Sunday, June 25, 2006

Watcher's Council Results, 6/23/06

The Council has spoken. Complete results can be seen here

In first place for Council posts was The Glittering Eye:The Iraqi insurgency has no Central Command Dave's take on the nature of the Iraqi `insurgency'. Congratulations, Dave!

In second place, my personal pick wound up winning, Gates of Vienna: Children in Danger From the UN, Dymphna's well written lashing of UN hypocrisy. Well done, Dymphna!

There was a three way tie for third, with my own piece J O S H U A P U N D I T: The heartbreak of Dhimmi-itis...Work for the cure. in which I examined the epidemic of non-Muslims in the non-Muslim world accepting Islam's worldview and urged people toi work for the cure ot this disease...the civilthe civilization you save could be your own.

Also tied for third was The Sundries Shack: We have guarded Iraq well In which our war in Iraq is explored in depth from a different point of view

And The Education Wonks: The Spellings Report: An Open Invitation For The Secretary
EdWonk's interesting examination of performance of the Department of Education and its Secretary.

For non-council posts the winner was The American Thinker: The jihadi network's fatal flaw, a fascinating examination of the implications of Zarqawi's death.

Second place honors went to ex-Council member New Sisyphus:Srebrenica, Kosovo, Unknown This is a superb piece contrasting the attitude of the MSM and the so-called `international community' towards the torture murder of the two American soldiers last week with the constant screeds against the nation they fought for. A must read.

Hearty kudos to all the winners!

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