Sunday, June 18, 2006

Major allied offensive cracks down on the Taliban in Afghanistan

US-led coalition troops are in the middle of a highly effective offensive in Southern Afghanistan that has taken out about 90 jihadis in less than a week. In view of the heavy casualties the jihadis suffered in a head on attack on US, Canadian and British firepower a few weeks ago, I have a feeling that this campaign could end up being highly effective.

More than 10,000 U.S.-led troops, including Afghan soldiers along with Canadian and British troops have spread out over Helmand, Uruzgan, Kandahar and Zabul provinces in sothern Afghanistan as part of Operation Mountain Thrust. Spearheading the offensive is the famed US 10th Mountain Division.

The guys from the 10th Mountain were involved in securing the Baghran Valley in the northern part of Helmand province.

That it will allow U.S. forces to block the movement of Taliban fighters and supplies.

Operation Mountain Thrust sounds simply amazing, when you see what the 10th Mountain actually accomplished. It involved landing fully loaded CH-47 heliocopters on top of a mountain , in hostile territory and in an area that was 60 miles away from the nearest ground forces, where no one had been for years.

Essentially, the 10th Mountain outflanked the mujahadeen, in what they thought was a safe haven because it was supposedly inaccesible.

All in a day's work for the guys in the 10th Mountain Division! Kudos, guys...

As for the Brits, they took on Taliban fighters on Saturday near Kajaki dam in southern Helmand province, killing six of the muhajadeen. This was in response to mortar attacks by the jihadis trying to take out the dam.

The American led offensive, which began with limited raids in May has been stepped up this week to help prepare for the handover of military control to NATO forces in the southern region next month.

Obviously, after getting their clocks cleaned during their recent attempted offensive,the Taliban is trying to buck up morale and take advantage of any opportunity that offers itself when U.S.-led troops prepare to transfer the regional command to NATO troops from Britain, Canada, the Netherlands and Romania. So far, that hasn't worked out so well for them.

"The Taliban fighters have overwhelmingly been losing," White House spokesperson Tony Snow said. "The government is taking control of more and more territory within Afghanistan proper...."

Afghanistan will never be Belgium..but it looks like substantial progress continues to be made.

Keep in mind that Afghanistan borders Iran. Just as in Iraq, Iran is using its proxies to wage war on the US and its allies.


Anonymous said...

"when U.S.-led troops prepare to transfer the regional command to NATO troops"

UN = NATO = stooopid

Anonymous said...

my husband is over there right now fighting with the 10th Mountain Division who im so SO proud of. While it's shocking, its amazing to hear someone actually speak of the war in Afghanistan and acknowledge the hard work they are doing over there while risking their lives. I was feeling increasingly bitter that no one was giving them the credit they deserved and hearing someone speak highly of them really made my day. Thank you!