Sunday, June 18, 2006

Whoopsie! British Imam busted on calling for Blair and Bush's murder

You can't make this stuff up. It's amazing what some Muslim imams will say when they think no one's listening.

Lo and behold, The London Times is shocked, shocked at the call for jihad by another imam from the Religion of Peace.

It all started with British MP George Galloway, who went public a couple of weeks ago stating that British PM Tonny Blair was a legitimate target for a homicide bomber. In the US, threatening the life of the president or calling for his murder is grounds for criminal penalties...but perhaps British law is different.

Anyway, the head of the Al-Quds Mosque in Brighton, Imam Abubaker Deghayes, whose brother Omar is a guest of ours at Club Guitmo told an undercover reporter that he agreed with Galloway's statement, and that an attack on the prime minister by a suicide bomber could be morally justified. Deghayes said he prayed for Allah to support anyone who attacked Blair.

Now here's the interesting bit; according to the Times article, Imam Deghayes `took over the mosque using violence, intimidation and threats. Dr Abduljalil Sajid... was forced out as head of the mosque by Deghayes and his supporters.'

Furthermore,the article relates that Sussex police Special Branch held a number of meetings with Sajid about extremist elements at the site, but absolutely no action was taken, even thogh Sajid actually talked about the radical nature of the mosque with none other than Tony Blair!

The mosque is suspected of being a source for recruiting jihadis to fight in Iraq and elsewhere, the British Charity Commission, which has jurisdiction over the mosque because it is run as a charity, said it was clueless on how the mosque was receiving and spending money and added that it was operating “in breach of legal requirements”.

Yet it is still open and ongoing! And at the British taxpayers expense, since it is a tax free charity.

The latest flap came when the London Times sent an undercover reporter to talk to Imam Deghayes, who revealed that he shared Galloway's views on killing Blair.

Deghayes said: "He is a legitimate target. Him and Bush are part of all that we see now."

And when asked if he prayed for to be attacked by a Muslim, he said: "I pray to Allah to support them. Of course, I know anybody who attacks in the name of Islam, Allah will take care of him."

Deghayes then urged the reporter to watch whom he spoke to about this... “Don’t talk openly, like ‘Tony Blair (is) an open target’. Now you can be taken in for glorifying terrorism."

"(Even) among Muslim brothers . . . there are hypocrites, munafiqs (hypocrites). There are spies, all sorts of people. There’s no need to talk about it, to say like this."

Obviously, our friend Deghayes thought he was talking to a symphathetic jihadi and not a member of the press.

Here's the kicker: this mosque, as I write, is still open for business, still operating as a sewer dispensing hatred, still involved in the important task of radicalizing Britain's Muslims for a reprise of the 7/7/05 bombings..or worse.

How many other British mosques and madrassas are preaching the same sort of jihad against their host country? How many American mosques? Is it any wonder that the head of Britain's largest Muslim organization felt free to threaten Britain with violence in the streets?

A nation that allows something like this to flourish has a death wish.

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