Friday, June 09, 2006

The heartbreak of Dhimmi-itis...Work for the cure.

This is a public service announcement.

There is a virulent epidemic disease in the West, an infection that affects large groups of people and causes them to accept the world view of Islam towards non-Muslims. ...the disease of Dhimmi-itis.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term dhimmi, it is an Islamic term that refers to the status of Christians and Jews under sharia, Islamic law.

Dhimmis are `protected people' who are free to live as non-Muslims under Muslim rule, but under conditions that make the old Jim Crow South look positively benign. Their income and property are subject to oppressive taxes (jizya) which carry a death penalty if not paid, they have no legal or political rights whatsoever, no right to testify or appear in a court of law and are subjected to humiliations like distinctive clothing, restriction on where they may live or what jobs they may hold and even injunctions stating that their heads may never be higher than a Muslim's or that their homes may never be higher than a Muslim's...all mandated under sharia to enforce the Qur'an's command that they "feel themselves subdued" (Sura 9:29).

Needless to say, any complaints by dhimmis about their enforced inferior status are dealt with quite violently, since they are no longer `protected' and are now `enemies of Islam'. For centuries, dhimmi communities in the Islamic world learned to keep their place and defer to their Muslim overlords.

This policy of enforced subserviance remains part of sharia and the Qu'ran today, is practiced in varying degrees throughout the Muslim world and is what Islamists are working to establish throughout the world. No matter what they tell you. The Qu'ran covers that little item too, and refers to it as taqiya..dissembling to non-believers for the benefit of Islam.

While the word `dhimmitude' is used to denote the status of non-Muslims who live in Dar Islam today (and a story that has been almost entirely ignored by Western media), there is a pressing need to diagnose and treat this new illness afflicting non-Muslims here in the non-Muslim world who have been infected by dhimmi attitude of subservience and are willing to bow, scrape, step and fetch it when it comes to Islam and Islamists.

Hence, dhimmi-itis, to describe this particular syndrome.

Common symptoms include loss of self respect, self-hatred. fearfulness and anxiety and if untreated, a total loss of liberty, prosperity and free will.

What does dhimmi-itis do to people? What are its effects? Here are a few recent examples of how dhimmi-itis can affect society:

  • The MoToons dustup, in which journalists and publishers who never had a problem dissing Christianity suddenly refused to publish the Mohammed cartoons for fear of offending Muslim's sensibilities...or getting their offices burned or the heads chopped off.
  • The refusal of many politically correct Western academics to even consider examining the violence associated with Islam and its history, because of their fear of offending Muslims and the multicultural cathechism. Or losing their Saudi funded chairs of Middle East Studies.
  • The recent decision by the California based 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to accept as valid a totally non-critical and biased mandatory curriculem on Islam in some California public schools, including Muslim `role playing' about Islam, reciting Islamic prayers, imitating Islamic prayer rituals, and imagining they are fighting a jihad. (We have our `eternal friends' the Saudis to thank for that one, including their very own representative on the payroll to push Wahabi Islam, Susan Douglass.) This is the same court that had a problem with `under G-d' in the Pledge of Allegiance, and would crucify anyone guilty of Judeo-Christian prayer in a public school!
  • The widespread tolerance of Islamists and their organizations who openly admit to wanting to replace our Constitution in the United States with Islamic sharia law.
  • The characterization by much of the Main Stream Media of people who blow up school buses and cafes and make a fetish of chopping off the heads of captives as `freedom fighters', `insurgents' and `militants'..and the avoidance of any reference to Islam or the `T' word when reporting on these unfortunate occurances.
  • Allowing wholesale Islamist indoctrination in schools, mosques and madrassahs funded by foreign governments in Europe and the US..while ignoring the murder and prosecution of Christians and the burning of Churches in the Muslim world.

There's lots more, but these examples provide a good basic guide for the diagnosis of how dhimmi-itis can affect society at large.

Now, more importantly, how do you check yourself for dhimmi-itis?????

If you feel outraged about Israel's `apartheid wall' and can yack on for hours about Israel's supposed human rights violations but don't know what honor killings or the janjiweed might just be a victim of dhimmi-itis.

If you think Islam is a religion of peace and that the Bible and the Qu'ran are equally violent and might just be a victim of dhimmi-itis.

If you pride yourself on supporting gay rights, equal rights for women, have a distinct aversion to `hate speech' and capital punishment and are still able to rant on about `Islamophobia' to the point of might just be a victim of dhimmi-itis.

If you constantly seek to qualify any negative thoughts you have about Islam with comments like `a small minority of extremists' or `fundamentalist religion in general is the problem' might just have dhimmi-itis.

If dynamiting Buddhist sculptures in Afghanistan, putting a crucifix in a jar of urine, burning churches in Kossovo,Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan etc. or burning synagogues in Gaza is no big deal to you, but you think publishing the MoToon cartoons was a major, unacceptable insult to a religion..I'm sorry to break it to you, but you have an advanced case of dhimmi-itis.

If you feel a strange reluctance to criticize or discuss anything at all about Islam, because you're afraid people will think you're a `racist' - you are definitely a victim of dhimmi-itis.

Fortunately, there's hope.

JoshuaPundit, in consultation with major freedom loving scientists and metaphysicians all over the world has come up with the cure.

The first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem. Dhimmi-itis is a disease, and a cure is possible...if you truly want it.

Stop apologizing for being a cultural inheritor and beneficiary of Western, Judeo-Christian culture and civilization, a system of thought, economics and philosophy that has freed more slaves, enhanced the individual, provided a better, richer life, granted more freedom of all kinds to the average person, shown more tolerance, and most importantly, shown the greatest capacity to evolve and change for the better than any other in the history of the planet. And stop apologizing for seeking to preserve it.

Examine your faith. Some victims have made remarkable recoveries upon recognizing the value and relevence of their own Judeo-Christian traditions.

Cultivate a good mental attitude. Say to yourself `I AM NOT A VICTIM..I AM NOT A DHIMMI!' at least five times a day.

Educate yourself on the nature of the disease. Start, of course, by visiting J O S H U A P U N D I T and your pal, Doc Freedom Fighter every day without fail. Read books like Robert Spencer's `Onward Muslim Soldiers' and his `The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)', Bat Yeor's `Eurabia', and of course Orianna Fallacci's 'The Force of Reason'.

Stop confusing `tolerance' with dhimmi-itis. Tolerance implies equality, and that is NOT how the Qu'ran sees it. Go to any Islamic site featuring translations of the Qu'ran and Hadiths and do a search for words like `Jews' `nonbelievers' `women' or anything else you fancy to see what the Qu'ran and the Hadiths (the accounts of the life and sayings of Mohammed) have to say on these subjects. Or go here. Or here.

Most importantly, demand that your media, your politicians, your clergy and your society end the silence. Dhimmi-itis needs to be confronted to be cured. Force them to stop making excuses for Islamic fascism. And demand that they recognize non-jihadi, non-Islamist Muslims as the legitimate members of our societies and the jihadi,Islamists ones as exactly what they are..a fifth column seeking to cynically use the generocity and tolerance of Western society to undermine and betray it. Insist that they take action to end the jihadi indoctrination in mosques and madrassahs, and that they pass legislation to end the wholesale bribery by Arab countries like Saudi Arabia of politicians and ex-government employees who have turned into shills and lobbyists for Islamism - and infectious carriers for dhimmi-itis.

Reject the attempts to guilt you into silence and acceptance of dhimmi-itis by people who play the race card. Islam is an ideology, not a race.

And there's nothing `racist' about questioning an ideology, especially when is attempting to take over and subvert your free society.

Most importantly, as you recover from any symptoms of dhimmi-itis you may exhibit, help others to become aware of this epidemic. The society you save might be your own.

Together, we can combat this insidious disease.

Dhimmi-itis. Work for the cure.


Anonymous said...

i keep having this dream......
it's the end of dr. strangelove....
maj. kong has just been let go.....
but instead of an ICBM missile complex i the background.........
i see this big stupid square block of rock......
with thousands & thousands of ragheads walking around it.........
and when i wake.........
i have this big grin on my face....

tell me doc.....
give it to me straight........
i can take it........
do i have dhimmi-itis???????????

Freedom Fighter said...

My diagnosis: Possible minor infection.(lol)

Keep visiting this site and rad at least one of the books onthe list, and you should be OK!