Monday, June 26, 2006

More Qassams strike Sderot; 4 Israelis injured by shrapnel- But for Olmert, the `disengagement' beat goes on.

Even as the IDF masses on the Gaza border and the international comunity blathers about `easing the tension' between Israel and the Palestinians, the siege of Sderot, Israel continues.

The Palestinians fired four rockets into the city from what used to be a Jewish community in Gaza,injuring four people with shrapnel wounds.

The rocket hit caused an electrical blackout in a large section of the city.

Five Israelis have died in these rocket attacks, and property damage has been extensive.

The rocket fire comes as Islamic Jihad claimed to have developed a new longer-range rocket to be used against Israeli targets, and Fatah's al Aksa brigade is threatening to use chemical weapons against Israel. Islamic Jihad said the new "Quds 4" projectile, based on the Russian/Iranian Grad has a range of 20 kilometers, three times longer then the crude Kassam rockets..and a lot more explosive power.

In the midst of this, you have to wonder what Olmert can be thinking as he continues to push `disengagement' and talk about ethnically cleansing 70,000 or so Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria.

To listen to him, you would almost think that Gaza was a resounding sucess!

Olmert had a meeting with British Conservative Leader David Cameron which reveals a gret deal about Olmert's mindset.

Cameron asked a question that - in light of everything happening in Sderot and Gaza - weighs onn the minds of most Israelis: How will Israel be able to prevent similar Kassam attacks from the West Bank if Olmert's plans materialize?

According to reports on that meeting, Olmert didn't answer directly. Rather, he admitted that the realignment plan was not ideal, but that considering the overall situation it was `the most realistic option available'.


When Gaza is an enemy armed camp with a real danger of all out war breaking out and Sderot is under siege, Olmert is still peddling a plan that sounds as if he is simply utilizing the `successful' Gaza model of `disengagement' to the West Bank!

Talk about a death wish...

Hopefully, Olmert will wake up out of his fog. If he doesn't Israel had better find a leader who will if they wish to survive as a nation and avoid genocide...which is exactly where Olmert's plan is leading.

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