Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bush flies to Iraq, meets with Maliki

President Bush took a surprise trip to Iraq today, mainly to address a gathering of Americantroops and to talk to Iraqi PM Maliki and get a heads up on the situation with the new government.

Bush expressed cautious optimism:

"There are going to be tough days ahead, and more sacrifice for Americans, as well as Iraqis. But I come here -- come away from here believing that the will is strong and the desire to meet the needs of the people is real and tangible," Bush said.

It was a good move by the president to come here at this time and express confidence in the new government...who, let's face it, are risking their lives to be a part of it.

The president told PM Maliki, "I have come to not only look you in the eye; I've also come to tell you that when America gives its word, it will keep its word," Bush said.

Away from the cameras,the discussion was undoubtedly more on the practical side based on assesments of how soon the Iraqis can deal with their own security and the Americans and other coalition forces can leave.

Still, all and all a positive moment.


Anonymous said...

visit the troops yes.
i'm glad he didn't use that "look into his soul" line again..........

Freedom Fighter said...

Me too.