Friday, June 16, 2006

Watcher's Council Results, 6/16/06

The Council has spoken. Complete results can be seen here.

In first place for Council posts wasRight Wing Nut House: SPINNING THEIR WAY TO DEFEAT IN NOVEMBERRick's take on the amazing spin bythe MSM on Zarqawi's death. Congrats, Rick!

In second place, my two personal picks wound up tying, Gates of Vienna: Outer Darkness, Dymphna's expansion of a thread on her cohort Baron Bodissey's essay on the pacifist thread in modern Christianity and the implications which follow from that viewpoint. and Callimacus' superb examination of the Dixie Chicks' dissing of the country fans that made them, Done With Mirrors: Hix Nix Chix. Gooo-ood readin'!

There was a tie for third as well, with my own piece J O S H U A P U N D I T: The Gaza beach killings: The latest production from PallyWood which examined yet another Hollywood-style attempt to create an `atrocity' to fire up the jihadis and their enablers in the Western Left in the War Against the Evil Jooos.. and ShrinkWrapped's superb Skepticism and "News" which widened the same topic to include Haditha and other examples of manufactured `atrocities'. As good as ShrinkWrapped writes, anytime I can get neck and neck with him in the voting is a good day!

For non-council posts the winner was A Newer World: One Liberal’s Argument for Still Staying in Iraq - an interesting article on Iraq by a self-confessed liberal who appears to be slowly but surely getting what the war on jihad is all about.

Second place honors went to Wretched at The Belmont Club: Malloch Brown's Message to America where Wretched translates Malloch Brown's rermarks into plain English..very entertaining!

Hearty kudos to all the winners!

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