Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A third Palestinian kidnapping?

A third Israeli has reportedly taken hostage by Palestinians today.

This time it's the al Aqsa Brigades of Abu Mazen’s Fatah who claim to have snatched a 62-year old Israeli civilian from Rishon Lezion. The Israeli police are checking to see if he is Noah Moskovitch who disappeared from this home in that town two days ago.

As I write an Israeli commando force has surrounded four buildings, including Fatah HQ, in the al Bireh district of Ramallah. They arrested a Fatah `activist' suspected of involvement in or knowledge of the kidnap of 18-year old Israeli civilian Eliahu Asheri from Itamar, who has been missing since Sunday.

I really wonder what it will take for Israel to bite the bullet and admit they're at war...with Fatah, Hamas and the other asorted flavors of Palestinian terrorists. There is no way a civilized society can live next to these barbarians.

And that includes `Mr. Moderate', Mahmoud Abbas.

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