Monday, June 12, 2006

YEE HAW!! Another Palestinian shootout...

Yep, it's shootin' time ag'in in Dodge....

Today the al Aksa gang and some of them militia boys from `Preventive Security' the US and the UK are paying the tab for went a whoopin' and a hollerin' down to the Palestinian parliament and cabinet buildings in Ramallah and shot `em up reeeal good as a show of support for their kingpin and paymaster Mahmoud Abbas, AKA the Palestinian President, `Mistah Moderate' or Mr. `Let them peons starve while I've salted away $1.4 billion in the Palestine Investment Fund'. The Fatah gunmen shot out the windows of the Palestinian parliament and stormed the cabinet offices, smashing furniture and computers...and totally destroyed the Ramallah office of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.
Then they set the buildings on fire. They also kidnapped a Hamas MP, Khalil Rabei.

Of course, Haniyeh wasn't there in Ramallah, since he's based in Gaza.

This was obviously a response to Hamas PMs who earlier vowed to use legislation to block that referendum Abbas wants so badly on the so-called `Prisoner's document'.

Meanwhile, back in Gaza, the Hamas gang had a hoedown of its own and attacked the headquarters of Fatah's Preventive Security agency in Rafah. They reportedly fired rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank rockets at the security headquarters, killing one Fatah gunman and wounding about a dozen others.

There was also a nice bit of interplay earlier today at a Hamas funeral in Rafah, when some of the Fatah gunslingers opened up on the Hamas gunslingers..or vice versa, depending on who's story you believe. One Hamas gunman was killed and again, a handful on each side took a few bullet wounds.

These people are p-s-y-c-h-o-t-i-c.

That being said, there's something I have to mention..just in the interests of fairness.

I don't particularly like the fact that the UK and the US are subverting democracy and backing Abbas, mostly because they're familiar with him and Fatah and it allows them to keep funding the Palestinians without feeling like they're directly giving money to a terrorist state.

Don't get me wrong. As far as I'm concerned, Hamas are a bunch of murderers whom I have no support for at all. The world would be better off with all of those jihadi scum six feet under.

But I feel the same way about Fatah. The only difference between the two is that Hamas is a bit less corrupt and more honest about wanting to destroy Israel and the Jews down to the last infant. Fatah has more than earned its terrorism pedigree under Arafat since the Oslo accords..and don't forget that Abbas was around for the whole ride.

Hamas won an election that, by Arab standards, was fair and open, and they won it decisively. Rather than encouraging the nullification of those results, the US should allow the Palestinians the government they chose...along with the consequences.

If that means that President Bush has to annoy his Saudi pals and cut off all aid to Hamasistan via HR4681 , that's how it should be. If the EU finally has to confront its hypocrisy in funding Arafat and the terrorist war against Israel's civilians all those years and make a clear choice on whether its going to continue to fund terrorism on the backs of the EU taxpayers, so be it.

And if that means that the US and the EU finally have to pull the plug on supporting a second Arab Palestinian State in the Middle East, maybe that's what needs to happen. If in fact, aside from a shared feeling of victimization and a hatred of Jews and Israel, there's really very little tying these people together as a nation, (which just could be why they achieved so little, in spite of getting more foreign aid per capita than any developing nation in history) maybe it's time we and the Palestinians found out.

That's what democracy is supposed to be about...clarifying things.

In any event, the US and the UK make a mockery of claiming to support democracy in Iraq while trying to subvert it for the Palestinians.

They deserve the government they voted for.

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