Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fool me once....Saudis offered scholarships to US flight schools!

The Saudi government is offering scholarships for aviation courses in the US!

"...The Ministry of Higher Education and the General Authority of Civil Aviation are offering scholarships to Saudi men and women to study various majors related to civil aviation in the United States.

The forms are available online at the ministry’s website until July 12 for both bachelor’s and post-graduate studies. Nominations will be announced on July 31. Interviews will take place in August and final scholarship winners will be announced on Sept. 2.

The scholarships are available in majors such as communications, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, systems analysis, air traffic control, flight safety, and other majors related to the airline transport industry.

Applicants for the bachelor’s program must have a minimum score of 85 percent in the science section and 90 percent in other sections, such as Qur’an memorizing, administrative and commercial sciences....."

Talk about dhimmi-itis! One of the symptoms is memory loss.

I don't know which is worse...that our government would OK training Saudis in our flight schools or that the Saudis would be so confident of their influence over the White House that they would proceed with it.


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