Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Senate approves massive new funding for Iraq and Afghanistan..after the obligitory leftist tantrums

For all the blather in the press about the war, the Senate almost unanimously voted for increased funding.

Even the Democrats.

I heard an interview with Senator Rick Santorum today, who was present prior to the vote and while he couldn't give details of the confidential briefing he related his disgust at how Senate Democrats trooped up to the podium to mouth the platitudes of the Angry Left about how the war was illegal, they wer `lied to', we were funding atrocities,Iraq is a quagmire, the whole ball of wax...after which they almost all voted for the funding. Santorum said the childlike rants actually made him nauseous, to the point where he had to take a breather and leave for awhile.

Most of the funding, $66 billion, is to go to military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Congressional Research Service says the bill, along with other previous funding measures, brings the total spent on the war in Iraq to $320 billion, and operations in Afghanistan to $89 billion.

That's a lot of money. I hope we actually get something longterm and useful for it.

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