Sunday, June 25, 2006

Palestinians attack Gaza border, killing two Israelis. And a large IDF column is headed back into Gaza.

Sending another message that all this `truce talk' between Abbas and Haniyeh is just a smokescreen, Palestinian terrorists used a tunnel to attack the Gaza/Israel border at the the Kerem Shalom crossing in force today. killing two Israelis and injuring four more before they were repulsed with heavy losses.

Residents in a nearby kibbutz said the Palestinians infiltrated the military post through a tunnel dug under the border fence. Significantly, this was a joint operation with participation from Hamas, the PRC, Fatah's al Aqsa Brigades and Islamic Jihad.

This merely underlines the strategic blunder the Israelis committed by giving up their forward strategic positions in Gaza for `peace'.

A large IDF armored column with special forces, bulldozers and tank and helicopter cover is driving into southern Gaza after the raid.

Unfortunately, it is probably just a show of force rather thenthe decisive offensive that's needed, and maybe designed to try and smoke out a few tunnels or missile sites.

The Israelis will eventually have to expel the Beast from Gaza and the Palestinian territories drive Hamas and Fatah over the border togeether with their leadership and essentially reverse Oslo and the so-called `road map' if they wish to live in peace..but I don't think the Olmert government has the stomache to admit it yet.

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