Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The latest on Gaza....

Israeli tanks began shelling Palestinian positons in the northern Gaza Strip in Beit Hanoun after dropping leaflets warning Palestinians to leave ahead of next stage of IDF ground offensive.

Beit Hanoun, by the way, is a center of terrorist bases and Qassam missile launchings against Israel.

As I said, this is about more than just rescuing Corporal Gilead Shalit.

The IDF also took out a Hamas training camp near Rafah, but have not gone into Rafah itself, and Israeli jets are `buzzing' Gaza city and causing some fairly disturbing sonic booms. My guess is that they want to try to force Hamas to release Shalit by making things as uncomfortable as possible. I don't see Hamas releasing Shalit voluntarily, frankly. He will have to be rescued and that will mean going into Rafah. The Palestinians will try to kill as many Jews as they can and hope for the usual sob stories from the media on any Palestinian casualties. Pallywood is undoubtedly set to go into full production mode.

Fatah's al Aqsa Brigades (you know, the terrorists commanded by `moderate' President Abbas sent out a couple of warnings. First they threatened to target an already marked Israeli embassy overseas. They also threatened to kill two Israeli civilians, a teenager and a 62 year old man from Rishon Lezion they claimed to be holding as hostages.

Definitely look for some action in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank)before this is all over.

For his part, Olmert appears to be hanging tough so far. He's rejected negotiations with any terrorist organization for the release of the abducted Israeli soldier. If he is not returned, “we will not shrink from extreme action,” said Olmert.

In a seperate move, the IDF buzzed the Latakia resort home of Syrian President Basher Assad. Latakia is a seaside resort on the Syrian coast. Assad was `in residence' as they say, and was definitely NOT pleased. This was a subtle hint from the Israelis that they disapprove of Syria sheltering terrorists like Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal...who the Israelis suspect actually gave the orders to start abducting Israelis.


Fares said...

where is the arab brain:adding logic into the Arab/Israeli conflict and arab leaders

Anonymous said...

Arab leaders are completely at ease with what's happening in Gaza and to all Palestinians in general,
getting paid alot more than those thirty 3(30) pieces of silver, they handed over those poor Palestinians on a silver platter to be bombed, and slaughtered by those Israeli barbarians with uniform calling themselves an army, no doubt, they are really and truly an army of Genocide committed by non other than heartless criminals fully supported by the the great USA.

Freedom Fighter said...

Gee Fares,Is that all you got.

With all that concern for civilians, I'm sure you could care less about civilians being murdered if they happem to be Jews, right.

That happens to be true about the civilians of Gaza as well, the vast majority of whom voted for Hamas fully knowing their genocidal intentions just like the Germans voted for Hitler.

Elections have consequences, bubba. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Frankly, I think th eIDF is far too concerned about the Gaza civilians Hamas is using as human shields. They need to get on with the job, which will save lives in the long run.

See, if th eIDF really was interested in simply killing Arabs, they're pretty good at it, the death toll would have a couple of extra zeroes and this war would have been over a long time ago.

Oh, one more thing...Israel stays. Deal with it.


Anonymous said...

israel wont stay for long and noone other than the israelis will be risponsible for that, mark my words wait and see.

Anonymous said...

To Website owner

Why is it I post a clean, clear and factual comment based on the truth of the subject matter, you somehow do not publish it?
But, when someone posts an intrue comment filled with filthy and dirty comments using the FFFFF
four letter words surprisingly you immediately publish it, is this what your website is based on

Freedom Fighter said...

It's very simple, Anonymous 12:51 PM.

The comments I deleted, to put it mildly, were rank with Jew Hatred and were far from 'factual'..although I concede that people with your sympathies have a very different notion of what constitutes 'factual', which is why Mein Kampf the Protocals of Zionand books on how the Mossad was responsible for 9/11 continues to be such best sellers in the Arab world.

As you know since you've been lurking around this site for a week or so, I have no problem with dealing with views that oppose mine, but when people won't respond rationally (particularly when they hide behind the 'anonymous' tag) or when they delve eagerly into racism and/or fantasy, I frankly can't be bothered.

As this site becomes more popular, I had to institute comment moderation fo rth esame reason call-in shows have screeners.

Freedom of speech means you can say or write what you want, but it does not give you the right to be heard.

I hope that's clear.