Friday, June 09, 2006

Hamas cancels `truce' with Israel

Only the Palestinians would have the unmitigated gall to continuously attack Israel and then complain when they get hit back! Now it seems that the Hamas military wing has called off the `truce' with Israel.:

Israel has been under increasing rocket attacks from Gaza, as well as suicide bombings and assaults on their borders and civilian population from the Palestinians during the entire period of this `truce' . Most of the rocket attacks, of course, have come from the very communities in Gaza the Israelis evacuated `for peace'.

(Told ya so...big mistake)

The Israelis have put the Palestinians on notice several times that this cannot continue and neither Hamas or Abbas did diddly sqaut about it.

After Qassam strkes on Ashkelon and Sderot that both caused damage and casualties, the Israelis finally decided to do something about it.

First,they took out Hamas`security' thug-in chief Jamal Abu Samhadana, responsible for coordinating the rocket attacks on Israel as well as for the murder of three US aides in Gaza during the Arafat days.

Second, they began targeting the launch sites, and put Palestinian towns like Beit hanoun under notice that if the rocket attacks continue, they could count on retaliation. The attacks continued, to the point where residents of the Israeli town of S'derot angrily threatened to leave en masse unless their government did something.

No democratic government can afford that type of reaction by its citizens.

Today Israel launched an artillery attack on a site in Gaza that reportedly took out some Palestinians mixed in with the terrorists Israel was targeting.

Let's examine how the world press handled this, shall we?

`Death on the beach: Israeli strike hits civilians', France

'Israeli attack leads Hamas to end truce', Qatar

'In pictures: Gaza violence'-BBC News, UK
" Several Palestinian civilians, including three children, died from shellfire as they were picnicking on a northern Gaza beach on Friday. ..."

'Picknickers die in Gaza attack'-Guardian Unlimited, UK

'Israeli shelling kills nine Palestinians'-Ireland Online, Ireland

"Israeli artillery shells struck a group of civilians during a family picnic at a Gaza beach, killing nine people, including three children, and wounding more ... "

'Seven dead as Israel shells packed Gaza beach'

"An Israeli artillery attack on a crowded Gaza beach has killed seven people including three children, according to Palestinian officials. ..."

Damn those wicked dare they retaliate?

I don't recall the Guardian, the Beeb or the Telegraph ever using the term `Israeli civilians' when reporting on homicide bombings or terrorist assaults, do you? Nah, then the term `settler' or a simple phrase like `9 killed' suffices.

Here's another little difference....what was Israel's reaction, do you think?

'Israel to investigate shelling that killed 7 Gazans'-Reuters -

"Israeli military chief of staff ordered an investigation on Friday into the deaths of seven Palestinians on a Gaza beach.."

'Israeli army halts artillery attacks on Gaza Strip'-Monsters and, UK

You ever hear of the Palestinians `investigating' let alone taking any steps to halt their terrorist violence against Israel? Don't hold your breath.

Something to remember the next time some moron equivocates Israel and the Palestinians or blathers on about the `cycle of violence' or `targeted killings'.
The Palestinians have no targeted killings, because in their eyes, all Jews are equally worthy of death.

The official US reaction was that Israel has the right to defend itself but should be `mindful' of its actions and do what's necessary to `prevent harming innocent civilians'. Just like always..though again, I don't ever recall the White House telling Abbas that in those words.

In my mind, I hate to say it think that more killing of Palestinian civilians in retaliation for terrorism, regrettable as it might be, would send them a message that it doesn't pay to make heroes out of murderers. Or elect them to lead them.

It might be a start to ending the entire conflict.

King Hussein solved his Palestinian terrorism problem in 1970 by killing around 10,000 of them and driving the leadership of Arafat and Co. across the border to Lebanon and out of his country.

It may come to that for the Israelis.

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