Monday, June 19, 2006

Iran and Syria sign mutual defense pact

Iran and Syria have cemented what has been a de facto, non-formal relationship for some time when they signed a mutual defense pact in Tehran last week.

The Syrian military delegation brought a year's worth of secret negotiations to a successful conclusion, with Syria sending a 60 man delegation to Tehran representing every branch of the Syrian armed forces, including intelligence and munitions industries.

Iranian defense minister Gen. Mustafa Najjar said: "Syria’s security is part of Iran’s security" when he signed a new military treaty with his visiting Syrian counterpart, Gen. Hassan Turkmani.

This paves the way for Iran to deploy Revolutionary Guards on the Golan border with Israel and to link up directly with Iran's proxy in South Lebanon, Hezbollah, which both Iran and Syria support. This creates a direct frontline for Iran against Israel, and bolsters Syria.

Iran and Syria also get the benefits of solidifying a bloc against the US, sharing and coordinating military research and resources (including anything the Syrians got from Saddam Hussein).

What's more, this gives Iran a forward position for an Iranian electronic warning station to sound a timely alarm of the takeoff of American warplanes or missiles from the eastern Mediterranean basin on their way to attack, and also allows Iran to also keep electronic track of movements on Israeli air and missile bases, including Arrow anti-missile missile systems.

It also allows free movement of terrorists and supplies along a long border for use against US and allied forces in Iraq.

This is a wartime military alliance against the West..and we had best take it as such.

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