Friday, June 30, 2006

The UN..when it comes to Israel, business as usual

One of the officially produced handouts for the NGO forum at the the 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism, Durban, South Africa.
(courtesy of Eye on the UN)

Yep..same stuff, different day when it comes to Israel, the Jew among nations.

The new UN Human Rights Council voted to target Israel by making a review of alleged human rights abuses by Israel a permanent feature of every council session.

The resolution, which was sponsored by Islamic countries, was passed by a vote of 29-12, with five abstentions and revives the same nonsense the UN's dissolved Human Rights Commission was guilty of, which also made a fetish of reviewing alleged Israeli abuses every time it met.

Even more illuminating are the countries that voted for it: besides Arab and other Muslim countries, "yes" votes were cast by the African nations, Brazil, China, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia and Sri Lanka.

Some of these countries are interested in Arab oil and commerce, but others are merely practicing officially sanctioned racism and Jew hatred.

Canada and the EU nations voted against this travesty. The US and Israel are not on the commission, and don't vote.

As time goes on, the dividing line between the West and dar Islam and its enablers gets clearer and clearer. As for the UN, I can't believe the USA can't find a better use for all that prime New York City real estate.


Jeff Bargholz said...

Business as usual.

Freedom Fighter said...

Welcome to the site, Jeff...your comments contribute a lot and are spot on so far.

nazar said...

Aww..come on now, the UN isn't completely useless. They do a lot of good humanitarian work and stuff. They should leave security to America, though. Those Marines, they can take care of anything, know what im saying?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hey Nazar, welcome back!

Sorry, I have to disagree with you on this one..the UN IS pretty much useless IMO, all politics aside.

The reason for that is that even the UN's humanitarian missions get corrupted by politics and greed. See the above handout, for example, which was officially printed out and sanctioned at a UN conference against racism, of all things!

You might be interested to know that Israel is the only nation not allowed a seat on the UN Security Council, or indeed on most other committees.

And even organizations like UNICEF play into this sort of thing.

In the Asian tsunami last year, expert Israeli medical and rescue teams were denied the opportunity to take part inthe UN rescue efforts. And at that, it was the USA and Australia that provided on the spot aid to the stricken nations..almost 6 weeks before the UN got its act together.

As for the UN `peacekeeping' forces, they have stood and watched while Rwandans. Liberians, Congolese, Serbs and Bosnians were maasacred, and while Israelis were kidnapped in Lebanon right under their noses. The only thing they seem to be good for is selling underage children into prostitution and abusing them sexually in `sex-for -food' situations.

The UN's primary motive for existing in the first place is collective security and a forum for international discussion and member adherance to the UN Charter.

Since they aren't doing anything like that, and remain blatently corrupt and rascist why bother taking them seriously?

At least that's how I see it.

Thanks for weighing in..have a good Fourth!

nazar said...

wow, I didn't know all that stuff, but at any rate, I think the major reason why the UN is so incompetent is because the most powerful country in the world doesn't take it seriously. All too often, we are impatient and want things to "get done."

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi, Nazar...

Read up on the Oil For Food Scandal sometime, if you haven't already. Or various Arab countries and Iran's violations of section 2 of the Charter...which NONE of them have ever been disciplined for.

It sort of feeds on itself, I think. The USA doesn't take the UN seriously because of its blatant corruption,racism and incompetance.

Then the UN bleats that the USA doesn't take it which they mean opening the purse strings and ignoring the corruption, racism and incompetance. And so they accentuate these problems to `show the Americans'!

That's what Malloch Brown's silly remarks a week or so ago were all about.

Part of the problem, I'm convinced is that the UN's makeup and goals are very different from when it started in 1946.

It started as a forum of mostly democracies and the Soviet Union and China with the idea of promoting international diplomacy and collective security.

Over the years, various other nations joined, most of whom were NOT democracies and who had and have extremely corrupt governments. The UN has come to mirror the majority of its members.

Another problem is the Islamic bloc(and those members that need to buy their oil and/or sell them stuff) which relates to UN biz not so much as nation-states, a Western concept anyway fo rthe most part, but as members of the Muslim ummah.

That identity and culture trumps the charter, our notions of equality and tolerance and what we would treat as basic fairness.

The UN isn't working, and short of forcing members to rigidly adhere to its charter and totally change their way of doing things,it won't be.

And if anyone tried, I think half the member nations would resign in protest.

Have a good one!