Friday, June 16, 2006

Three jihadis get a free trip to hell from the IDF; and the latest on the beast

Busy night for the IDF.

Three Palestinian terrorists were killed last night when the IDF delivered a message in the form of a couple IAF-fired missiles when they tried planting an explosive device along the Gaza Strip security fence near the Kissufim crossing.

The trio was originally spotted by a Tzahal infantry patrol that was on the Israeli side of the Gaza fence...the Tzahal patrol simply radioed the location to a heliocopter that was already in the vicinity and watched the fireworks. Nicely done, people!

The Palestinians have attacked the fence numerous times since Israel withdrew from the Jewish communities in Gaza. They frequently try to plant bombs next to the security fence to target the IDF troops that patrol nearby.

Also last night, the IDF spotted a group of Palestinians preparing a rocket launch and opened fire on them. The Pals fled the scene and the Kassam rocket never got fired.

The Palestinians did manage to fire off six Kassam rockets from Gaza during the night, five of which landed in open land in the western Negev. No one was wounded and no damage was reported.

In other news , the Beast's EU enablers, together with the other members of the so-called `quartet' (The US, the UN and the Russians) today announced that they were close to a deal on creating a mechanism to funnel more aid money to their preferred terrorist Mahmoud Abbas as opposed to the legally elected Hamas government. As if it makes a difference!

And frankly, I'm appalled that Condaleeza Rice and President Bush would sign on to this scheme, as it appears they are about to.

Perhaps if these people were really serious about ending the conflict, they would make any aid whatsoever conditional on a complete end to terrorism against Israel and full cooperation by the Palestinian government in apprehending anyone in their jurisdiction guilty of it...and putting the $1.4 Billion dollar Palestine Ivestment Fund Abbas controls under World Bank management and applying proceeds from the fund to any`humanitarian' aid the Palestinians get, as well as making the fund accessable for payment of court judgements obtained by victims of Palestinian terrorism.

After almost 15 years of autonomy since Oslo and receiving more aid money per capita than any other developing nation in history, isn't it time the Palestinians were held accountable for their actions?

Don't hold your breath.

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