Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Argentine prosecutors want Iranian `moderate' arrested for `94 bombing

Prosecutors in Argentina asked a judge to order the arrest of former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani and seven others in connection with the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aries. The attack, which took place July 18, 1994, killed 85 people and wounded an estimated 300.

Rafsanjani is the wonderful `moderate Iranian leader' touted by Clinton and Carter, the `moderate' who once said that the `Israel problem' could be resolved by a single nuclear bomb.

Prosecutors said at a news conference Wednesday that the decision to call for the arrest of was made because the decision to attack the AMIA center, which they said was carried out by Hezbollah, was made with the knowledge of top Iranian authorities.

Not only that,but it was covered up, with the connivance of the Iranian regime and a payoff to Argentina's then President, Carlos Menem , a Roman Catholic of Syrian Muslim descent who was president from 1989 to 1999, and received $10 million directly from the Iranian government to stonewall the investigation.

This will likely unearth a number of skeletons in the Argentine closet..and it will be interesting to see whether Argentina attempts an extradition.


Anonymous said...

from the article referenced:
Carlos Menem, 72, is currently running for a third term as president in elections to be held in 2003. Last year he spent six months under house arrest on charges of arms trafficking and corruption. Sources close to him have condemned the New York Times report as being motivated by an attempt to sabotage his reelection.

this is wrong on a number of levels, not the least is the above. the argentines are attempting to extradite a foreign president while their link in the investigation is running for president of the country, er, ah, banana republic.
i am assuming the pointing out of the presidents religion is an attempt to court anti-catholic sentiment from the jooos.
in my opinion the extradition is a sham to shift blame.
they should clean up their own house (that should take a century) and hold menem accountable.
in parallel, the argentines should employ the mossad(sp) to take care of other matters.

Anonymous said...

You have no clue what you are talking about, "louielouie"

stay quiet next time, thanks!

Freedom Fighter said...

Actually, Louie, Menem did not win re-election when that article was written, If I'm not mistaken.I'm certain his Syrian background and the Iranian bribe played a greater role in his stonewalling the investigation than his religion.

As for Rafasjani and his pals, I fully suport an extradition order, rather than an attempt by the Mossad to `settle out of court'as it were.Such things have their place, but not this time.

The point of the article was to ridicule Mssrs Clinton and Carter for embracing this murderer as a `moderate.

Let them have an extradition warrant hanging over their heads anytime theyleave Iran to go into the civilized world.

Anonymous said...

SRoss said...
You have no clue what you are talking about, "louielouie"

stay quiet next time, thanks!

whether or not i do will not be determined by yourself or your pathetic excuse for a comment.
you offer as information/opposing comment just what you are.
if you have nothing to offer to the discussion;
stay quiet period

thanks for the info.
i understand your comment about the extradition order.....but what good will that do and who is going to enforce it....the french?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi louie,
Here's the point...Iran is never going to extradite these people. But this keeps them isolated and outside of decent society, and again emphasizes to the world at large that Iran is nothing but a haven for Muslim terrorists.And someday, things could change....and these men might face justice.