Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Condi Rice speaks at pro-Palestinian dinner in Washington - 'The Palestinians be free of the humiliation of occupation'

US Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice continues to shill for the Palestinians..this time at a gala dinner in Washington DC in front of a group of influential US Palestinian Arabs who call themselves The American Task Force on Palestine at a gala dinner celebrating their third anniversary.

"The Palestinian people deserve a better life ... free of the humiliation of occupation," she said. "I promise you my personal commitment to that goal."

"There could be no greater legacy for America."

The WAPO and the AP stories say The American Task Force on Palestine `describes itself as nonpartisan and supportive of a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel.`

Are they really?

A glance at the group's website and the resumes of the principles as revealed on their website gives a very different picture of the group.

The ATFP claims its strategy goal is `seeking peace through working to secure the establishment and success of a viable state of Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza with its capital in East Jerusalem.'

In other words, the Saudi Peace Plan.

{..} `ATFP aims to support strengthening the foundation for an eventual state of Palestine through promoting democracy, economic development, cessation of violence and the removal of Israeli impediments to the establishment of such a state.'

Then of course, there's this: `The main field of activity for ATFP is working within our country to generate enough support to impact government policy. Our premise is that the establishment of a state of Palestine will be a vital and necessary enhancement of our national security, serve our economic interests by removing political impediments to trade with the Arab and Muslim world, and will reflect American values and our national commitment to freedom for all peoples.'

Translation: `those lousy Jooos are the ones responsible for Muslim terrorism, and if we just do a smackdown on Israel all will be well. Lets lobby to undermine them.' Of course, the group doesn't go into how destroying a strong, committed and strategic ally of our country to satisfy people who essentially hate our guts and embrace jihad serves US national security.

The group shills again for the Saudi Peace Plan in its mission statement: `A fair reading of the numerous United Nations Resolutions on the Middle East crisis, the negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli delegations that extended to Taba, Egypt in January 2001, the Saudi proposal adopted by the Arab League... firmly establish that there is an overwhelming international consensus for a resolution of the conflict.'

The resumes of some the principles are also enlightening.

One of the most notorious is Hussein Ibish, ex-communications director of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), who specialty for years has been bashing Israel and defending the rights of islamists here in America. He's also been quite active in the Israel Divestment Movement and the notoriously anti-Smeitic Al Awda `Right of Return' group.

Abed Awad is another interesting figure, a member of James Zogby's anti-Israel Arab American Institute, which has referred to Israel as a `brutal apartheid regime'.

There are a number of other questionable members of this group, but I think we get the drift...`peace and justice',the Saudi Peace Plan, and of course, the personal committment to their goals by our very own Secretary of State.

Excuse me while I hurl....


Anonymous said...

in a previous essay you commented that the palestinian aid worker was a usefull idiot.

does this mean the palestinians are going to kidnap condi?

Anonymous said...

i just read the "we're all muslims now" column over at GoV.
that is horrible.