Thursday, October 26, 2006

The `youths' torch three more buses in Paris

Oh, the hijinks of those cra-zee `youths'! In honor of last years' Le Jihad Francais, they've now torched 3 more buses around Paris. Quelle drole, n'est pa?

Once again, the `youths' set up roadblocks and forced passengers off three buses and set them on fire in suburbs around Paris last night.

No injuries were reported, but the bus-be-cues before Friday's anniversary of the start of the 2005 jihad. Bus drivers are now refusing to enter some areas after dark.

In a new twist, some of the youths are now armed with more than pipes, sticks, knives and molotov cocktails. On one of the buses, which was pillaged in the Montreuil dustrict east of Paris, half of the attackers were armed with handguns, according to the RATP transport authority.

Regional authorities said the Nanterre bus line, which passes near Paris' financial district, La Defense, was not considered a high-risk area. Francois Saglier, director of bus service at the RATP, said the attacks happened "without prior warning and not necessarily in neighborhoods considered difficult."

The bus driver's union is now demanding that the RATP allow drivers to exercise their right to stop work in case of imminent danger. "We will take measures that become necessary to avoid sensitive neighborhoods," Saglier told a news conference.

How far can you flee before you end up running out of room, Monsieur?

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