Friday, October 27, 2006

Israeli PM compares Iran to the Nazis and accuses the world of doing 'nothing'

In a rare burst of clarity, Israeli PM Ehud Olmert accused the international community of doing 'nothing' over Iran and its existential threat to Israel.

"Like the 1930s in Germany, the international community hears voices today calling for the destruction of Israel and does nothing," he said Friday during a speech at Israel's Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem.

"For the first time, the leader of a great nation (Iran) declares that its objective is the destruction of the State of Israel, which does not stop this nation from remaining a legitimate partner in the UN," he added.

Such threats of genocide, by the way, are supposedly illegal under Article 2 of the UN Charter..not that anyone should hold their breath waiting for Iran to incur any consequences for that.

Here's the deal, Mr. Prime Minister. Just like in the 1930's, most of the international community is not going to care a rip what happens to the Jews. If Iran launches a nuclear holocaust against Israel's Jews, the majority of the Muslim world will openly rejoice, and aside from some suitably doleful rhetoric from Europe, and perhaps more from America and maybe, if they're lucky, refugee status for the survivors, that will be that.

Even more likely than that, however, is the UN and the West pressuring you and your government into indefensible borders and unsafe concessions `for peace' and then shedding those crocodile tears when Israel is overrun by the genocidal enemies in the Palestinian Authority and Hezbollah that Israel has allowed itself to be surrounded by.

It's not too late to prevent that...think about it.


Anonymous said...

"For the first time, the leader of a great nation (Iran) declares that its objective

if olmert is trying to take the high road by refering to his enemy as a "great" nation his next act as PM should be to pound sand.
imo, your increasingly pessimistic opinions of the sleepwalking west are becoming more and more realistic.
are you setting the bar as low as possible so that when sharia law comes to america, you won't be so terribly disappointed?

Freedom Fighter said...

On the contrary, Louie.

I think we will be victorious in this war.

The sleepwalking aspect could have been handled after 9/11, and it was for a number of people.

That trend will continue. And unlike last time, the Jews of Israel have no illusions about Khamenei and Ahmadinejad being serious.

In actuality, I doubt that Iran would launch a nuclear strike against Israel..they would have to deal with Israel's second strike capability, and anyway their main area of expansion lies to the north, in the oil and gas rich Cacausus.

They would be more likely to use Hezbollah and the Palestinians as shock troops to try and defeat Israel, after the Jews are forced back to indefensible borders..and Olmert DOES have something tosay about that - which was exactly my point.