Monday, October 30, 2006

Jihad donations down in the US

Carl in Jerusalem at Israel Matzav has a great story, from the New York Times, no less, on how increased scrutiny from the Feds is cutting into jihad funding in America.

Being the New York Times, of course the story focuses on a symphathetic American Muslim raising funds for the needy...

"When Mrs. Bazzy calls people to solicit contributions, they quickly beg off and hang up, telling her later in the grocery store or the bank not to ask them for money on the phone because the government is probably eavesdropping.

Nobody wants to write a check for any amount, and they look at her in horror when she offers a receipt — some of the largest donations she still receives have been anonymous wads of $100 bills stuffed into envelopes.

(I wonder just where some of that anonymous, untraceable cash ended up, don't you?)

Even more typical is the Muslim response to all this - as always, blame Israel:

"Contributions dropped sharply this summer after the war in Lebanon, the imam said, when the Bush administration expressed its unreserved support for Israel. Other mosques report similar difficulties. The general sentiment is that the American government’s tilt toward Israel extends to hounding anyone supporting Arab causes."'s the Joooos!

The Times tells a blatant whopper when it asserts that:

"The Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence at the Treasury Department has shuttered five major Muslim charities in the United States since 2001, seizing millions of dollars in assets, yet not a single officer or organization has been convicted of anything connected to terrorism. Muslim charities operating overseas have been directly linked to terrorist operations, but if such evidence exists in the United States it has remained secret."

Apparently they never heard of Sami al Arian, the Holy Land Foundation, Abdulrahman Alamoudi, the Safa Group, the International Institute of Islamic Thought, Ghassan Dahduli, and a host of a lot of others we're still finding out about.

Perhaps if some American Muslim groups and religious figures were more forthcoming in condemning Islamic terorrism and helping the government to out the jihadis in their midst, they wouldn't be under such intense scrutiny.

And in any case, being loyal Americans, I'm sure they have no problem in making these small sacrifices to help America win this war and keep the country safe...

R I G H T ?

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