Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Palestinians: US weapons could be used against Israel

Carl at Israel Matzav has the story - according to WorldNetDaily, the huge amount of American weapons and ammo being tranferred to Arafat II
'moderate Palestinian President' Mahmoud Abbas' personal goons, AKA Force 17 could be used against Israel.

According to the article a senior Force 17 officer, Abu Yousuf, openly said that the weapons and financial aid the U.S. is considering giving to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Force 17 security detail to bolster it against Hamas might be used instead to attack Jews and "fight Israeli occupation."

"There is no chance that we will use force and violence against our brothers in Hamas unless they will endanger [Abbas]. There is a chance that Israel will attack the Palestinian territories, and in this case, these weapons and others provided [by the U.S. to Force 17] will be directed towards the (Israeli) occupation," Abu Yousuf said.

Th US is planning to transfer ammunition and new assault rifles to Force 17 within days and has pledged to procure about $28 million in aid to Abbas. The U.S. is apparently also going to train Force 17 members in the operation of the new weapons and in advanced combat techniques in facilities already in use in Jericho.

Perhaps that's why Condi is now shilling for the Palestinians.

Sounds just like the old days, when Israel gave weapons to Arafat to `keep order' doesn't it?

And of course, the Olmert government in Israel has nothing to say about any of this.
Maybe they're planning on using Force 17 and all those shiny new weapons aginst the Jews in Judea and Samaria for more `disengagement'!

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