Saturday, October 28, 2006

Woman badly burned on bus set afire by `youths' in France

Le Jihad Francais, round deux claimed some new victims tonight.

This time, it was in the port city of Marseille, where a woman was seriously burned and three others are suffering from smoke inhalation after `youths' set fire to another bus.

Apparently, a gang of the `youths' forced open the bus doors and simply threw a molotov cocktail inside. This represents a change in tactics, since the other buses that have been destroyed in this round have been stopped by jihadi roadblocks in the French suburbs and the Passengers ordered out before the buses were burned.

In Paris itself, two other buses were torched.

"Four guys attacked Bus 346," said witness Thierry Ange, 19. "They made everyone get off, then they hit a woman and dragged out the bus driver by his tie," then torched the bus with a gasoline bomb in a bottle, he said.

The blackened carcass of another bus sat across town. Two armed men had forced passengers off the bus, police said.

The nightly car-becues total was slightly up during the festivities, but is still holding for the most part at about 112 cars torched per night.

In Paris, 4,000 additional police were deployed in expectation of festivities by the `youths' celebrating the anniversary last years' Jihad Francais - maybe they should just make it an official French holiday,or part of the traditional French celebration of Ramadan.

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