Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Palestinians take another American hostage.

Today, a group of Palestinian `militants' kidnapped an American student in Nablus, one Michael Phillips. who was working as a Palestinian `aid worker'.

The group claiming responsibility calls itself `Ansar al Sunna'.

The last time this happened of course, was when two journalists working for the US-based Fox News television network spent 13 days in captivity before being released after forcibly converting to Islam.

In this case ,the Palestinians were able tolocate Phillips and get him released, and none other than the al Aksa brigade stormed the apartment where Phillips, who was found tied up in the apartment.

According to Phillips, he was held by his captors for 48 hours. “I don’t know who the kidnappers where or what they wanted, but I know who put me in the taxi that I was kidnapped from,” he said.

He refused to describe how the kidnappers treated him, and only said: “I can’t say they treated me politely or kindly.”

Sounds like another Useful Idiot had a rude awakening.

Better late than never.


Anonymous said...

He refused to describe how the kidnappers treated him,

probably made him listen to babs albums.

Anonymous said...

Louie, you must mean ted nugent albums? There is nothing worse in the world than a hairy man with a guitar.

Now, on to other
matters. This guy was a "Palestinian aid worker?"

You gotta be shittin me. Useful Idiot indeed.