Thursday, October 26, 2006

Russia on proposed Iran sanctions; NYET!

The Russians once again made it crystal clear that they have no intention of allowing UN sanctions against Iran to proceed, in spite of all of the optomism we were treated to by Condi Rice and UN Ambassador Bolton. I can't blame them too much..they, after all, do what they're told. And it's also possible that Russia has - oh, let's say, reversed itself- from what might have appeared to be an earlier committment.

Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov made a point of referring to proposed UN draft sanctions as `unhelpful' and saying that any UN reslutions would call for loo-oong in depth...negotiations... ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

This isn't going to be settled in the UN., and what we have seen is simply a ploy by Iran and its allies to gain more time until the mullahs actually have nukes and the issue is moot. That was clear to any reasonably intelligent observer months ago.


Anonymous said...

What exactly do the russians hope to gain out of this? Oil? Am I mistaken or doesnt russia have access to large oil fields within thier own borders.

Freedom Fighter said...

1)Iran and a few other countries like Syria have singlehandedly rescued the Russian arms industry from oblivion and bankruptcy.

2)The Russians have billions of dollars worth of contracts with Iran to build their nuclear facilities for them - you didn't think the Iranians were capable of building anything for themselves,
did you?

3)Russia is a dying nation, with dramatically declining birthrates EXCEPT in the Islamic parts of the old Soviet Union. They are attempting to appease what they see as a growing Iranian/Muslim power bloc in exchange for Iran not supporting Islamic jihad in Russia in places like Chechnya.

4) Simple malice. Russia hates the US for defeating it inthe Cold War and depriving it of its empire, and likewise hates Israel for its part in defeating Russia and kicking it out of the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

regarding your #2
i find it interesting that bechtel has the contract to repair/seal the chernobyl(sp) reactor building. you don't suppose the rooskies gave the iranians the same plans for their reactor do you?

regarding your #3
russia will be part of the caliph in our lifetimes. i wonder how puken will look in a turban. or better yet a burqa?

Freedom Fighter said...

Actually, Louie, I don't think so.

We will probably bail them out again ala' WWII if President Bush doesn't hit Iran before he's out of office.

The Muslim facists will attack Russia when it's convenient,just like Hitler.

Anonymous said...

to supplement your #1:
from "strategy page"

French Barracudas On The Way
October 27, 2006:
France is buying six new Barracuda class SSN's (nuclear attack submarines), for about $1.6 billion each. The 4,100 ton boats are smaller than America's new 8,000 ton Virginia class subs (which cost about $1.8 billion each). A new class of Russian SSNs will displace 6,000 tons. The older American Los Angeles class boats were about 7,000 tons. Size does matter, as it indicates how much space you have available for sensors and weapons. Larger boats are better equipped and more heavily armed.

The first Barracuda won't be launched until 2012, at the earliest. The new Russian SSN will arrive after that. The U.S. already has two Virginia's in service, with a third arriving early next year. By 2010, two Virginia's a year will enter service, for an eventual total of about 30 subs. The Barracuda's, will rely on a lot of automation, and have a crew of only about sixty. Russian boats are designed along similar lines. The Barracuda's will have four torpedo tubes, which can also be used to launch missiles.