Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry calls US troops in Iraq stoopid and lazy.

Once a traitor, always a traitor.

Senator John Kerry once again reported for doody and stuck his foot firmly in his mouth at a Los Angeles campaign appearence for wanna-be governer Phil Angelides:

"You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework, you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq."

This guy is just the gift that keeps on giving for the GOP. I wouldn't be surprised if he was on Karl Rove's payroll.

Needless to say, there were a couple of people who took exception to Senator Kerry's remarks. One of them was White House Spokesperson Tony Snow:

"It sort of fits a pattern. You may recall that last year Senator Kerry on CBS's Face the Nation accused U.S. soldiers of terrorizing kids and children in Iraq and recently also described troop concentrations in Baghdad as, quote, “having failed miserably.” What Senator Kerry ought to do first is apologize to the troops.... Senator Kerry not only owes an apology to those who are serving, but also to the families of those who have given their lives in this. This is an absolute insult, and I'm a little astonished that he didn't figure it out already...

Meanwhile, it's probably reasonable to ask some of the Democrats -- ask Jim Webb or Tammy Duckworth, both of whom are citing their military record, "Okay. What do you think about? What do you think about this quote? Do you agree with him? He was your presidential nominee."

Kerry, if he had the brains G-d gave a turnip would have simply apologized, explained he misspoke at let it go at that. Of course, he did nothing of the sort.

Instead, he went bananas and issued this press release hitting out at ` a stuffed shirt White House mouthpiece' and `Republican hacks, who have never worn the uniform of our country.'

One of those stoopid "Republican hacks who has never worn the uniform of our country," Senator John McCain, had this to say to Kerry:

" Senator Kerry owes an apology to the many thousands of Americans serving in Iraq, who answered their country’s call because they are patriots and not because of any deficiencies in their education. Americans from all backgrounds, well off and less fortunate, with high school diplomas and graduate degrees, take seriously their duty to our country, and risk their lives today to defend the rest of us in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

They all deserve our respect and deepest gratitude for their service. The suggestion that only the least educated Americans would agree to serve in the military and fight in Iraq, is an insult to every soldier serving in combat, and should deeply offend any American with an ounce of appreciation for what they suffer and risk so that the rest of us can sleep more comfortably at night. Without them, we wouldn’t live in a country where people securely possess all their G-d-given rights, including the right to express insensitive, ill-considered and uninformed remarks."

Of course, I'm sure Senator Kerry got a good reaction in some quarters:

This is a test for the Democratic party, as Tony Snow suggested. I'm interested to see how they react. I suspect that most of them will have nothing to say about this, unless it's to defend Kerry - something you should think about before you vote.

As for the Senator..well, I've always loved the remark I heard an 8 year old little girl of my aquaintance make after hearing Kerry speak during the 2004 campaign: `That John Kerry is a bad man! He should be helping the president with the war instead of just being nasty and getting in the way..he's not even worthy to be a senator!'

Not bad, sweetheart...I couldn't have said it better myself.

We'll see how Flipper tries to spin his way out of this one....


Anonymous said...

We would usually disagree about something like this, but not this time. I think it's plain to see that our enemies want Kerry to win, because they know his policies would put them one step closer to their goal-world domination and America's submission.

Generally, when voting, I think it's a good rule of thumb to vote for the candidate your enemies don't want to win, no?

Anonymous said...

regardless of how kerry sounds, or what he says, he appeals to a lot of people.
that says more, to myself, about the people of this country and the direction our country is headed, than any BROKEN GOV'T meme.