Monday, October 23, 2006

In's the `youths' again..

Their latest escapade involved torching a bus in Paris in broad daylight yesterday and then attacking the firefighters.

Police chief Jean-Francois Papineau said the bus attack in the southern suburb of Grigny, in the Essonne region, was “a planned ambush”.

He said: “The bus was forced to stop at a road block at around 2pm. “Two youths then entered the back of the bus to clear passengers before dousing it with petrol and setting it on fire.”

Get, the `youths' are putting up their own roadblocks!

Bus drivers in the area have gone on strike over the incident.

There continues to be a virtually unreported second round of last years festivities, with an estimated 112 car per day being subjected to that quaint custom of the `youths, the car-becue.

A report by the intelligence agency of the interior ministry,the national police or RG dated October 11, was leaked to Le Figaro newspaper and states that conditions were ripe a renewal of last year's festivities.

'Most of the conditions which, one year ago, led to the collective violence over large parts of mainland France still exist.'

'We have noticed the beginning of a renewal of urban violence after the summer calm,' the police report noted, referring to several clashes between the `youths' and police officers.

The report says that while last year's violence appeared to have been mostly spontaneous, (HAH!) the report sais there was a likelihood of violent flare-ups that are 'structured and targeting one of the last institutional representatives still present in certain areas: the police.'

Oh, those kooky `youths' and their jihad hijinks....

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