Sunday, October 08, 2006

Some `ceasefire'! Hezbollah returns to its old military positions now that the Israelis are gone...and UNIFIL? Faggedaboudit!

On Yom Kippur, Oct. 2, 24 hours after the last Israeli soldier left South Lebanon our old friends Hezbollah retook their turf - placing roadblocks on all the roads leading to to their old bases in the central sector of South Lebanon and at the entrances to the towns and villages reoccupied by its forces and their rocket units.

These enclaves were declared “closed military zones” by Hezbollah!

And UNIFIL is doing...absolutely nothing.

Neither the Lebanese army or UNIFIL have ventured into these enclaves. Not only that, but they didn't lift a finger to prevent the first open, overt consignment of advanced Iranian weapons to be delivered in Lebanon via Syria since the August 14 ceasefire.

UN Security Council Resolution 1701, of course, was supposed to prevent resumption of hostilities and Hizballah’s rearmament while helping the Lebanese government and army assert its sovereignty in the South.

What a bunch of jokers, those UN diplomats! This resolution is almost as comical as the last one, resolution 1559...which also ordered Hezbollah to be disarmed.

The Israeli government is even more pathetic. It has yet to make any kind of is military or diplomatic response to these violations, or even bothered to inform the Israeli public that Hezbollah has mved back into the very same positions it used to launch missile attacks on Haifa, Nahariya, Carmiel, Acre and the Western Galilee for more than a month.

According to Hezbollah's aouthern commander,Sheikh Nabil Qauq, his forces had regrouped and rearmed in exactly the same positions facing the Israeli border they occupied when they went to war on July 12.

If anything, the UNIFIL and Lebanese army deployments have increased the rate of Hezbllah's rearming, especially now that the IDF is out of the picture.

On September 30th, the first open, broad daylight convoy of trucks from Syria bearing new arms and heavy weapons for Hezbollah took place from the Syrian Al Qusayr air base south of Homs and opposite the Lebanese town of Hermel.

This convoy crossed the border and headed southwest to Hermel. Another two arms convoys stood by on the Syrian side of the border, waiting to see if the first one was allowed through. Since UNIFIL did nothing to stop them, the next two will probably follow shortly.

Of course, since the UN commanders have already stated explicitly that they will only act with the permission of the Lebanese government(in which Hezbollah holds the power of veto), there is no way that the international force can carry out its duties as mandated by the UN Security Council.

Neat, huh?

The Olmert government of Israel has, of course, fully acquiesed to making UNIFIL II as useless as the original UNIFIL was for the 28 years leading up to the Lebanon War. They're hoping that the Israeli public won't notice.


Anonymous said...

i was just wondering...........
now that kofi annus is getting ready to leave, there is the question of where will he go?
which tyrant that he has helped will allow him say a summer home in beirut?
winter in caracas?
excursions to khartoum?
and don't forget about east timor?
this unifill stuff is all behind him now.
the only question is, will he be allowed to take his staff with him at un, read us taxpayer expense?
will kofi annus be allow to take his contingent of child rapists with him?
will the un have to train new replacement child rapists?
will the us taxpayers foot the bill for this training?
this unifill stuff is behind kofi annus.
what's next.
a bush 41, klinton, kofi annus summit?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Israel could do anything about this now. Look at the reaction when Israel defended itself, how do you think it will look if Israel just attacked Lebanon out of the blue? If Israel didn't completely obliterate Hezbollah in a week, or two at the most(like they should have last summer), then the international pressure would be too great.

If Israel just attacked Lebanon right now, as you seem to suggest it shoud, then you know that $2 billion+ in aid we give Israel? Faggedaboutit!

On the other hand, if Israel gets attacked again, it's open season as far as I'm concerned.

Freedom Fighter said...

Actually, I don't suggest a military response..I merely point out that the Olmert government has made NO response of any kind, military or diplomatic.

And of course, the UN is content to ignore the flouting of its own resolutions as well...which was the basis under which the IDF pulled out of Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, if Israel gets attacked again, it's open season as far as I'm concerned.

open/hunting, or otherwise, season may start in NJ, but my opinion is that if israel is attacked again, and again, and again, the response of the international community will be the same as before.
this condiition is to continue in finitum, and/or ad nauseum, for as long as the saudi royal family own the oval office, and their lap dog residing therein.
as long as there is controversy, conflict, we the people will be distracted from the fact that our leaders are not.