Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Those Gaza greenhouses..before and after

Remember all those high-tech greenhouses the Israelis built in Gaza in places like Gush Katif and Neve Dekalim? They provided jobs for the Palestinians and produced a wonderful and plentiful assortment of fruits and vegetables in the middle of a barren desert. These were the same greenhouses that wealthy westerners like James Wolfenson bought at a cost of $14M and then presented to the Palestinians.

Here's what they used to look like, before the Israeli retreat:

As soon as the Palestinians took over, they were looted and destroyed, and are mostly used for missile launching sites or arms smuggling tunnels. Here's what these greenhouses look like now:

Big difference.

Of course, if the Palestinians were really serious about a second Arab Palestian state living in peace next to Israel, or even about the welfare of their own people, the first thing they would have done would have been to beg the prosperous farmersof places like Gush Katif to stay and help them build their economy.

But that's not exactly their agenda, is it?

If nothing else, this ought to convice any rational person that the idea of a second Arab Palestinian state is anything but an aid to peace in the region...


Anonymous said...

the fallacy of ff arguement is to convince a rational person.
good luck with that.

Rosey said...

I remember when that happened. That was like the AHA moment for me, when I knew there could never be a viable Palestinian state. That behaviour reminds me of the inner city tenants I used to have. Politicians try to help them with their government progras and aid, but their behaviour keeps them enslaved, and they cannot change. Ever.

Anonymous said...

They were not destroyed by Hamas looters for rocket building. The settlers reaked havoc on the greenhouses before they left. The money Wolfsen raised was also used to repair them. They ran for around two years. The reason they were destroyed is because they became economically unviable.

To maintain the green houses, 27 trucks of produce needed to leave the strip as exports to Israel. Wolfsen managed to get an agreement from Israel that they would allow the produce through. After the first harvest, only 8 trucks were allowed to leave the strip. Wolfsen gave up, the famers could not afford to maintain them and that was that.

Either you have selective memory that requires the demonization of Palestinians to be retained or you are purposely setting out to deceive your readers. Either way it's very disingenous propoganda.