Thursday, October 19, 2006

CNN airs enemy propaganda - again

Still image from jihadi propaganda video aired proudly on CNN

This time, it's a jihadi sniper's snuff video.

According to the Caliphate News Network, `The graphic video of 10 sniper attacks was obtained by CNN -- through intermediaries -- from the Islamic Army of Iraq, one of the most active insurgent organizations in Iraq.

In one scene, U.S. soldiers mingle among Iraqi civilians on a city street as a U.S. Humvee with a gunner in its turret stands guard nearby.

From a distance, possibly hundreds of yards away, a sniper watches for his opportunity to strike as a fellow insurgent operates a camera to capture the video for propaganda purposes.'

And of course, CNN is panting to show it. I wonder if they had to pay somebody for a copy, or if the jihadis gave it to `em for free, knowing that the good folks at CNN would help with `the cause'?

Even more despicable is CNN's equating of our US Marines with these Islamic `insurgents'.

These people are openly shilling for our enemies.


Anonymous said...

i'm mad as hell--those liberal pigs at cnn will do anything to discredit the bush adm. they are to say the least unamerician. if this had been done in world war II cnn would have gone off the air. all americians should let their feelings be known. cnn is totally corrupt with an alien agenda. their "man in baghdad" is not americiam. i will work to destroy cnn and like-minded people.

Freedom Fighter said...

They deserve it, to say the least!

I can't imagine why President Bush doesn't go to town on this.