Friday, October 27, 2006

US launches second raid on Sadr City

The Americans went into Bagdad's Sadr City for the second time today, right after Iraqi PM Maliki angrily swore it would never happen again.

US troop backed by air support moved into the sprawling slum district dominated by the Moqataal-Sadr's Iranian backed Mahdi Army militia. The target was the notorious death squad leader Abu Deraa, a high ranking associate of al Sadr.

He escaped, but other members of the Mahdi Army weren't so lucky, and are now the late member of the Mahdi Army.One can only hope that Abu Deraaa and Moqata al Sadr are next on the list,with a pigskin shroud as a funeral accessory.

It's time we stopped playing games with these people...and if Maliki has a problem with it, there's more where he came from.

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