Friday, October 20, 2006

Hamas Boss Haniyeh survives assasination attempt

Car swarm, everybody!!

Hams PM Ismail Haniyeh survived a Fatah hit on a motor convoy he was travelling in earlier today, which destroyed one vehicle in a burst of flames. Fatah and Hamas supposedly reached a 'cease fire' less than twelve hours ago. (LOL!!)

Haniyeh had just finished a rant at a Gaza mosque, where he said that Hamas would reject any moves by Fatah boss Mahmoud Abbas to call for fresh elections or dissolve the Islamist government and warned him not to try it.

Apparently the media is now reporting that the shooters were relatives of a Fatah goomba killed in recent fighting with the Hamas enforcers, and are playing down any suggestions that it was an assassination attempt.

I think it was more in line of a `warning' to Haniyeh, if you get my meaning.

Given the nature of the Hezbollah/Iran involvement with Hamas and the new American love affair with Abbas and Fatah, this is shaping up as a proxy war...which might be the hidden key as to why Bush and Condi Rice have been so generous and supportive of `our terrorists' in Fatah lately.

UPDATE: Hamas Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar also weighed in today.

"Israel is an abscess supplanted onto our lands. It has no historical, religious or cultural justification, and we will never have relations with this ‘abscess’. We will never recognize Israel, and that is a final decision and is not up for negotiation."

Doesn't sound too promising.


Anonymous said...

I don't see how this is a bad thing. It looks like there's a gang-war between Hamas and Fatah. As far as I'm concerned, they're both despicable orgs, and the only regret I have about this is that the assassination attempt failed.

Anonymous said...

"Israel is an abscess supplanted onto our lands. It has no historical, religious or cultural justification,

maybe this bozo should give the joooos mecca & medina back as they were the dominat population prior to 653ad.

what it sound like to me is the US is getting into the IED business.
that is no win for us.
they tried that back in beirut and it backfired then.
it will back fire now.
this is not how the US fights.