Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nobody but us `moderates' here, Condi!

Condi Rice, as I reported spoke at dinner in Washington given by a pro-Palestinian organization called `The Task Force for Palestine'. In it, she obscenely compared the Palestinian jihad against Israel with America's war for independence and the Black civil rights struggle.

Among those in attendance were Senators Carl Levin (d-MI) who has the highest concentration of Muslim constituents in America, John Sununu (r-NH), America's most prominent politician of Arab descent and of course, Saudi Ambassador Prince Turki al-Faisal.

Can't leave our `Eternal Friends' the Saudis out, now can we?

You can read the full text of this bilge here.

Rice also emphasized American support for `the Palestinian people' and said that the US government seeks to increase American foreign aid to the Palestinians to $468 million, and put in place an international mechanism which will allow transfer of financial assistance to the Palestinians without going through the Hamas government and stressed how important it is to back `moderate leaders like Mahmoud Abbas'.

This is the same `moderate' President Abbas who has consistent refused to jail so much as one Palestinian terrorist, who has refused to do a single thing to disarm the armed terrorists of his own Fatah party, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, let alone Hamas. And this is the same `moderate' Mahmoud Abbas who was along for whole the ride during the entire Arafat era.

Secretary Rice also came out with the nauseating sentiment that the Palestinians somehow `deserve a better life' and that to give it to them would be `the best legacy America could have.'

I wonder how any rational person could mouth such horse manure and expect anybody with an IQ with a fighting chance of two digits to swallow it? On what basis do the Palestinians deserve a better life and why is it America's obligation or responsibility to hand it to them on a silver platter?

With all the money and attention the US has lavished on them, have the Palestinians done anything to merit this kind of largesse? They have never been allies of ours, never done a single pro American act. They've been responsible for the death of almost two hundred American citizens, including three diplomats in Gaza murdered by Fatah during the Bush Administration..ironically enough, on the anniversary of Condi's little exercise in forensic self-abasement.

They've enthusiastically supported leaders who have skimmed off millions from the humanitarian aid the west has provided them, betrayed every commitment they ever made, and created a homicidal Islamic terrorist enclave allied with our enemies. They've used their schools, media and mosques to create a jihad death cult society that instills hatred in their children from the cradle. And, by a huge majority, they voted in a government with an open policy of jihad terrorism and genocide, the nasty stuff we're supposed to be against, if you believe President Bush.

These were the folks who danced in the streets, howled like banshees on steroids and passed out sweets to celebrate the murder of 3,000 of our fellow Americans.

These are the people Condi Rice and the Bush Administration want to finance, arm and train.

Sometimes, you have to judge a tree by its fruit.

Rice is officially backing a policy put together by US Army General Keith Dayton to expand by up to 70 percent Abbas's presidential guard personal enforcers, Force 17. The Bush administration wants to give Abbas $20 million to fund the training and arming and expansion of Abbas's army from 3,500 to 6,000 soldiers. And the Bush Administration has already transferred 3,000 assault rifles and 1 million rounds of ammo as of June.

Every dollar we give the Palestinians frees up money for them to wage war against our ally Israel, and those automatic weapons we're providing to Force 17 will eventually be used to murder women and children in Israel..just like last time.

And I find that unforgivable.

So much for the so-called Bush Doctrine: `You're either with the terrorists or with us'. That notion apparently belongs in the dustbin of failed political ideas, along with the notion of `Arab democracy'.

Funny thing is, if the Bush Administration (or the Arab states, for that matter) were really serious about ending the Arab Israeli conflict, the last thing they would be promoting is the idea of a second Palestinian Arab state..and especially one with the characteristics this one exhibits.

What this is about of course, is gaining favor with Arab voters in the US on the eve of a tight election, as well as gaining favor with the Saudis and the EU. The Bush Administration, unfortunately has yet to realize a basic fact of life...that when you try and be all things to all people, you set yourself up for failure. Or in other words, when you try and bend basic principles to cater to your enemies, they still remain your enemies and both your enemies and your friends end up having nothing but contempt for you.


Anonymous said...

condi is just mad they made that video about madeline dim-wit and not about her.
i'd like to see this dhimmi priestess come to oklahoma and give an address like that.
people often ridicule our education and moonshine.
i'll be taking those as compliments from now on.
i think it best ms. rice keep her mouth shut and be thought a fool. this continued dhimmitude is removing all doubt.

Freedom Fighter said...

Ain't nothing wrong with turning a little corn into aqua vitae, if you get my drift. Most of what I've had has been in Kentucky and Tennessee, but I'm sure the product of your native state more than measures up.

The US actually fought a war over whiskey early in its history..now that's unique!

As for Ms. Rice, she's far from a fool..and very good at following orders. Please see short takes to see what President Bush was saying when he hosted the iftar meal at the White House...

Anonymous said...

Stop being politically incorrect!! The Palestinians are innocents caught in the middle of a struggle between a heroic resistance group and the evil zionazi regime!!