Monday, October 16, 2006

Same old hypocrisy from Chirac on France's Armenian genocide bill

Good old Jacque Chirac! Now, he's made a point of saying sorry to Turkey's Islamist regime because of the bill the French Lower House passed recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

French leader Jacques Chirac apparently called Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan he was sorry about the bill French lawmakers approved making it a crime to deny Armenians were victims of genocide at the hands of Ottoman Turks. (Oh, just for the a visit to Armenia late last September, Jacques Chirac said Ankara had to recognize the "genocide" or forget about EU membership.)

"Chirac called me and told me he was sorry and he said that he is listening to our statements and he thinks we are right and he will do what he can in the upcoming process," Erdogan told his AK Party in a broadcast.

Of course, it's the money, as well as the Muslim votes in France.French businesses imported 4.7 billion euros' worth of French goods in 2005 to Turkey, and the Turkish government's threats of a boycott obviously made a dent.

Chirac will of course veto the French bill if it manages to get through both Houses of the French legislature.

And I'm sure that after the phonecall, the Turks will resist any temptation to retaliate for last week's gesture in Paris by, say, making it a crime to deny French complicity in the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews in Vichy France during WWII or the one million killed during the 1954-62 Algerian war of independence.

As the old Mafia saying goes `You don't tell on me, I don't tell on you.'

Some Zyklon-B Gas used in the Nazi concentration camps - manufactured in France


Anonymous said...

`You don't tell on me, I don't tell on you.'

we, ah, crap, i didn't know that was a mafia saying.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the French are hypocrites, they pass a bill oppressing freedom of speech especially on an argument like the Armenian Genocide which has been proven countless times to not exist and has become a political game of Armenian voters and countries with large Armenian populations. It's silly to say 1.5 million Armenians died when the Ottoman Empire was at the point of war on several fronts and they somehow had the time to systematically kill thousands of Armenians (I don't even know how they figured who's Armenian and who's Turkish) when there wasn't even 1.5 million Armenians in existence in 1915. Plus the guilty were already tried and found innocent by Britain during 1919-1920 occupation.