Wednesday, October 11, 2006

US indicts Islamic traitor

Ah, I must admit, this warms the cockles of FF's heart.

Al Qaeda stoodge, video `actor' and Islamic convert Adam Yehiye Gadahn was indicted for treason today in an Orange County California courtroom. This is the first time the charge has been used since the WWII era.

He could be sentenced to death if convicted of the charge.He also was indicted on a charge of providing material support to terrorists.

According to the indictment, Gadahn, who appeared in al Qaeda videos directed at Americans "knowingly adhered to an enemy of the United States, namely, al-Qaida, and gave al-Qaida aid and comfort ... with intent to betray the United States."

The indictment also cited Gadahn's announcement in the 2004 al Qaeda video that he had joined al-Qaeda, "a movement waging war on America and killing large numbers of Americans."

"Fighting and defeating America is our first priority," he said, according to the indictment. "... The streets of America shall run red with blood."

Gadahn, who is known to his al Qaeda homies by his stage name of Azzam al-Amriki or `Azzam the American' has now made it on to the FBI's ten most wanted list, with a $1M price on his head.

Gadahn is a native Orange County product, and a proud alumnus of the Islamic Society of Orange County.

It's high time we started prosecuting people again for treason here in America.

And I'm definitely up for the death penalty for this miscreant, especially if it includes a government supplied pigskin shroud before they pollute the earth with his rancid carcass.

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