Friday, October 13, 2006

Short Takes, 10/13/06

JoshuaPundit has inaugurated a new feature : Short Takes. This will encompass stuff I see that I think merits the attention of Joshua's Army members and that I will embellish with a few lines of the wit, wisdom, insight and written insurgency you've come to expect from your pal Freedom Fighter.

This is an attempt to cover more ground in less time and compress a lot into a small space, rather like the young gentleman seen above.

* It appears Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (d-NV) has some `splainin' to do on his non-disclosure of a shady, illegal land deal back home in Nevada. The WAPO article also hints at the connections his partner, Jay Brown, has to organized crime..not exactly unknown in the Great State of Nevada.

It seems Senator Reid's pious mouthings about GOP corruption and `special interests' were a wee bit hypocritical.

* The new head of the UN is confirmed to be South Korea's Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Ban Ki Moon. Best of luck, Mr.'ll need it.

Car swarm, everybody!

The IDF took out Three Hamas goons in northern Gaza today, including a local Hamas commander. Apparently this was the team guilty of firing three qassam missiles at Israel's Negev yesterday. Apparently the car was filled with more qassams..must have been a nice fireworks display.

hysterical shrew British Foreign Secretary Margaret Becket lashed out at the American tropical resort for Muslim terrorists located at Club Gitmo, calling it "unacceptable in terms of human rights." and saying that it was Club Gitmo that was radicalizing Muslims by providing them with free Qu'rans, halal meals and Islamic prayer rugs, all in a balmy tropical location.

This is the same person who went into a total snit over US planes with armaments landing in Britain en route to Israel during the Lebanon War. Lovely.

* The Opinion Journal's Peggy Noonan has a few things to say about the left's disdain for free speech and their attempts to shut it down. She asks ` Why do Americans on the left think only they have the right to dissent?' A worthy read.

* In Hillary Clinton: Where I stand on Iraq, a certain New York Senator, unlike most of her party, offers some surprisingly coherent thoughts on Iraq. Among other things, she seems to lean towards your buddy FF's idea of redeploying to and supporting a strong, pro-US Kurdistan.

Money quote: `We have to deal with the Iraq we have, not the Iraq we wish we had.'

* Coming up Tuesday, the EU is scheduled to declare nuclear talks with Iran officially over due to a lack of results. EU chief appeaser foreign policy chief Javier Solana has acknowledged that the talks have ground to a halt, and that no further meetings with IranĂ‚’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani have been planned. Now there's a surprise. No word yet, of course, on what the EU or the West plans on actually doing about this.

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