Tuesday, October 17, 2006

U.N. sanctions on Iran to exempt Russian project...now I've heard everything

According to al-Reuters, any of the contemplated U.N. sanctions on Iran will have a `weasel' clause to exempt the Russian-Iranian nuke project at Bushehr..`in order to get the Russians on board' in the words of EU and US diplomats.

The exclusion for the Bushehr project, a light-water reactor being developed by Russia for the mullahs in southwestern Iran, is in a sanctions resolution drafted by Britain, France and Germany. The deal's worth $800 M to the Russians.

Here are the facts..nuclear energy is like any other energy in that it can be used equally for civilian or military purposes.

In view of the Iranian's clandestine nukes program, their failure to cooperate with the West in the slightest, the sponsoring of Islamic terrorism and their blatant disregard for treaties they've signed and what we in the west would regard as `truth' or `fair dealing', can we really depend on them - or Russia, for that matter - to play this game honestly?

Am I being overly obtuse, or could a five year old child answer that question, let alone a supposedly savvy diplomat? Or our president?

You tell me...

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