Saturday, October 28, 2006

Iran steps up its uranium enrichment

The mullahs are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to rubbing it in the face of the US and the international community.

Iran officially confirmed that it has stepped up uranium enrichment and doubled its nuclear capacity by injecting gas into a second network of centrifuges. The process can either yield nuclear fuel or material for a warhead..guess which one oil and gas rich Iran is interested in?

The mullahs, of course, are taking advantage of the fact that the U.N. Security Council is blocked by Russia and China from doing anything meaningful in the way of sanctions or other diplomatic action.

In Washington, President Bush insisted the United States would not allow a nuclear-armed Iran.

"Whether they've doubled it or not, the idea of Iran having a nuclear weapon is unacceptable," Bush told reporters. "It says to me that we must double our effort to work with the international community to persuade the Iranians that there is only isolation from the world if they continue working forward on such a program."

I'm certain the president is aware that our efforts to - what was that again?- work with the so-called `international community' will lead to as much progress in stopping Iran from getting nukes in the future as it has to date.

Who's kidding whom?

Keep in mind that the current development and speculation by various pundits that Iran is a few years away from being able to produce enough enriched uranium for warheads is based just on what the Iranians are willing to reveal. There's no telling how far they may have advanced at clandestine facilities like this one.

I've said it before, I'll say it again..the longer we muddle around with this situation, the more we will ultimately pay in blood.

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