Monday, September 06, 2010

Time Magazine Sports Anti-Semitic Cover For The Jewish New Year

Time Magazine has moved fully in the 'anti-Zionist' pro Caliphate camp with its latest cover, set to hit the newstands during Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

The story itself is an obscenity written by one Karl Vick, whose basic premise it that Israelis don't care about peace because they're too busy living the good life.

Nudge nudge, wink know those Jews, all about making money...

Speaking of money, I hope Karl Vick chokes on the money he was paid to write this.

Of course..those Evil Joos don't care that five Israelis have been killed in the three days since direct talks were announced, that they face daily threats of war and annihilation from all sides, that they can turn on the TV daily and hear and see propaganda and incitement aimed at dehumanizing the Jews and calling for jihad. Especially from their so-called 'peace partners' where polls indicate that the Palestinians approve of terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians by almost two to one.

What's really happened, of course is not that Israelis have stopped caring about peace but that they've realized in the two decades since Oslo that it isn't going to happen for some time, because the basic problem is not the amount of land Israel occupies or anything Israel does or doesn't do but the fact that it exists at all.

In the face of that knowledge, the decision of most Israelis to live a normal day to day life is one of extraordinary courage.

But I wouldn't expect some so-called journalist to understand that.

Here's some news for Time magazine and the rest: Israelis have gotten used to reading garbage like this about how they're the most terrible country on earth. And most of them understand that it's going to continue, no matter what they do. There's simply a substantial constituency around that envies and resents Israel's success to the point of madness.

Mark Twain, writing over a hundred years ago after reflecting on Theodore Herzl's plan for a Jewish State:.... I am not objecting; but if that concentration of the cunningest brains in the world were going to be made in a free country, I think it would be politic to stop it. It will not be well to let the race find out its strength. If the horses knew theirs, we should not ride any more.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that post

Anonymous said...

My old friend Voltaire once quipped : si Dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer ( if God didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent him ). I have no doubt that he has been following all of the news whilst upstairs & has updated his quip to : if Israel didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent her. The Arab world sits on land underneath which there is an ocean of oil -- black gold. They have their own petroleum cartel. Everyone in the Arab world should be as rich as Croesus. ( & Everyone in Nigeria ! ) But corruption, bigotry, ideology, terrorism rule the roost or roast. The rulers need a scapegoat, voila, Israel. It will remain thus till all of the commercially-exploitable petroleum, & the resultant petrodollars, have been exhausted. Even then, Peace will require the existence of a yet-unborn generation of Arab Mahometans unwilling to continue pursuing the failed cul-de-sac paths of their wretched ancestors. Viz, it can't be the current vitriolic, virulent, malignant, misogynous, bitter, poisonous generation which obtains currently : they are trapped in what we once termed ' vis inertiae ', an inertia poisoning the mind, soul, & spirit. A new president elected in 2012 will encourage the Israelis to construct a permanent border wall shielding all of the old territory, all of Jerusalem, plus as much contiguous post-1967 territory as they, at their sole discretion, deem advisable for military & settlement purposes. Then, wait it out. At some point, a young generation of Vikings refused to follow the orders of their elders. They refused to plunder, rape, murder, & steal. They said no. They refused to be enslaved. When people stand united & say no, wonderful things happen.
( The treatment of the Jews & Israel reminds me of the Japanese experience : the Burakumins -- correct orthograpyhy ? -- are ethnic Japanese but are discriminated against because they are descended from leather workers & a few other occupations of the ca AD 1100s to the ca AD 1600s --correct dating?-- They were simply scapegoated arbitrarily. ) Sorry for length of this post. Had I had the time, I should have made it shorter ! --dragon/dinosaur

Freedom Fighter said...

Well said, DD.

Actually, Israel is on the road to harvest its own black gold in the near future.

The difference between what they will do with their oil wealth and what the Arabs have done with theirs will be palpable...and cause for more hatred and resentment.


BTW, Volaire was, by most reports, a notorious anti-Semite.

Anonymous said...

To Mr Miller : Voltaire generally detested all organised religion, & , indeed, one could read carefully selected articles from his ' dictionary ' & term him anti-Christianity, anti-Mahometanism, anti-Judaism, anti-all-organised-religion. He was often maligned as an atheist ; however, that is slander, for he was a Deist & fully accepted the Aristotlean 1st-cause argument ( as do I -- at most, I can be a very liberal Nicene-Creed Protestant ).
I must confess, to my embarrassment, that I had not read the Wikipedia article re Voltaire. I have just done so in order to see if there is anything a propos of this which I previously had been incognisant of. I was delighted to see a nice article ( viz, the 21.37 GMT, 5 September 2010, Iridescent version : NB, vandalism by schoolchildren is a continuous bane there ! ) which includes a section titled ' Religion ' which examines this issue. It is too lengthy to reproduce here, but I recommend & endorse it. It admirably points out that Voltaire wrote numerous eloquent pamphlets attacking anti-Semitism. I have read them : they are not the products of an anti-Semite. The section even mentions ' Jewish Voltairians '. Please, I beg you, do not confuse his general views on religious practice, particularly ancient religious practice, particularly Christian, with his views of people as members of a race or religion. Few people have accomplished as much as he in the march forward out of the Dark Ages which we now hail as the Enlightenment. --dragon/dinosaur

Freedom Fighter said...

Fair enough DD.
Cheerfully withdrawn.


Anonymous said...

Have just stumbled across a video report re the Mahometanisation of Paris & France. It can be found at many sites, eg, 1) "Islamization of Paris in Full Swing" dated Monday, September 6, 2010 at frogsmoke dot com ( where I 1st encountered it ) ; 2) "Islamisation of Paris : A Warning to the West." at youtube dot com ; 3)" 'Islamization' of Paris a Warning to the West - CBN ... " also at youtube dot com. They are the same video, so please take your pick of portal. ( I assume the cbn site referenced would also have a viewing copy ).
I'm left speechless. I suddenly feel very old. That is not my Paris. It's not just Paris either. I spoke with some old friends about 6 months ago, & they told me that the under-20 population of Marseille is uncontrollable ( the demographics there are terrifying ). --dragon/dinosaur PS, November 2012 can't come too quickly.

ed waldo said...

The Mark Twain quote is meant ironically. It slyly pokes fun at the then-rampant Antisemitism of his era. Rather than using it as a clear example of historic Antisemitism, we ought to celebrate the bravery with which Twain attacked the bigotries of his day.

Freedom Fighter said...

Mark Twain was definitely a philo-Semite with a high regard for the Jewish people, as the link to his entire piece I provided makes clear.

The use of the quote was intended to underline the traditionally anti-Semitic nature of the Time article, as the preceding para should have highlighted..