Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obama: "Mexicans Were Here Long Before America Was Even An Idea"

Barack Obama once again engages his mighty intellect, the same superior brain that thinks Austrians speak Austrian, there are 57 states, America is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world, and that corpsman is pronounced corpse man. because, you know, he's smarter and better than you.

This latest came at a speech he made before the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Annual Awards event in DC to try and gin up some racial posturing before the midterms, where he said, "Long before America was even an idea, this land of plenty was home to many peoples. The British and French, the Dutch and Spanish, to Mexicans, to countless Indian tribes."

Someone should tell this self-proclaimed student of history that the US declared its independence in 1776 - while Mexico did not become a country until September 27, 1821.

Oh, and the phrase he quoted from our Declaration of Independence? Our 'Christian' president somehow left out 'endowed by their Creator' from that famous quotation.

Whaddya know about that?

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louielouie said...

among the many things i enjoy about J/P, is ff narratives regarding the videos that he presents.
you don't really even have to watch the video.
just read the narrative.
when i watch a video of hussein, and hear that voice, i kinda throw up in my mouth a little bit...............

indepeendent patriot said...

Obama is a product of our public education system. Can't tell you how many inaccuracies are in our history books...but something tells m you alreay know about that.

Brandon said...

You'd think that maybe, just maybe, someone would realize that a speech like that is only going to upset people. It's scary to think a) that Obama would have such little foresight and not realize omitting a major part of the Declaration of Independence might cause a stir with the country and b) that people wouldn't notice how obvious his pandering to the hispanic caucus was.

Great post by the way. You make an excellent point with the fact that "Mexicans" didn't even exist until 1821. And thanks for pointing out the various ways that Obama is smarter than us, I happened to watch MSNBC yesterday so I needed that!


Anonymous said...

It is also worth noting that the Indians of the Southwest and Texas were extremely territorial and battle hardened. The people who lived further south didn't travel north until the Spaniards came and blunted the Indian's ability to stop "illegal immigration".

Anonymous said...

In 1789 the USA were made of the 13 original colonies on the east coast, the rest was unclaimed land. The USA declared its independence in 1776 and Mexico in 1810 (Recognized in 1821). Everybody has to agree up to that point. But Texas became a state in 1845, California in 1850 and Arizona and New Mexico in 1912. So, yes, there must have been Mexicans in that area of what WOULD become the USA long before the country became what it is today. Nobody knew in 1776 that the USA would occupy the whole land from ocean to ocean.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 7:42 PM : it wasn't unclaimed land ; it was the land of us, the native non-immigrant American Indians. But, relax, I don't blame you personally for the conquest which occurred. :) dragon/dinosaur