Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Harry Reid Makes A Jackass Out Of Himself

I know,not for the first time...

Now that Sharron Angle is starting to find her feet and hit back, the Nevada Senate race is turning into a real contest.

Angle had a tough primary race and made the amateur's mistake of finishing it without adequate funds in hand, while Reid had millions to play with courtesy of the Unions and the DNC. And he spent them on a series of negative ads,hoping to paint Angle as a nutjob.

All that did was put the deeply unpopular Reid a point or so ahead of Angle in the polls...but the race appears to be closing up.

Angle is airing ads making the point that while Harry Reid wants to make the election about her,it's really about the economy and Reid's atrocious record in DC.

ABC News actually asked Reid if he deserved his job back, his response was classic: "You know that I had nothing to do with the massive foreclosures here. You know that I had nothing to do with these unemployment figures..."

This sorry excuse for a legislator has been running all over Nevada telling people what he can do for the state..and now,when he gets asked about what he already did as Senate Majority Leader, he suddenly has no power!

Let's reiterate...Harry Reid and Nacy Pelosi took over in January, 2007. Before they got their hands on Congress, our deficit was tiny,even with two wars to fight and the economic indicators were largely positive.

Once they got their hands on the throttle, spending went out of control and the CBO figures bear this out. Adding Obama to the mix with a filibuster proof majority in both Houses took things from merely crazy to outright insane, with the deficit quadrupling in less than two years.It was like pouring gasoline on a burning building.

Angle has also been taking on Reid's outright lies about her wanting to phase out medicare and Social Security, typical fair fo ra democrat with nothing else but Reid's dismal record to run on.He borrowed that particular trick directly from Barack Obama.

"What I said in that interview was that Social Security is broken and that Harry Reid, I believe, broke it," Angle said. "And the reason I say that is because there was $2.5 trillion in the Social Security trust fund and that money has been taken out of the trust fund, put in the general fund and used for all kinds of policies and programs."

Angle summed up her position on Social Security this way: "Keep the promise. Put the money back, but going forward do something personalized with retirement. Keep the government from raiding and pillaging our retirement one more time."

I've already addressed the Social Security dilemma previously. Sharron Angle is absolutely right - the fund was looted at the behest of Democrats and needs serious reform if it's not to go under.

I'll be watching this race closely.For the people of Nevada to send Harry Reid back to the Senate would be nothing less than pure masochism. Except we'd all share the pain.

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B.Poster said...

"Lets reiterate...." What you write here is obviouse or should be obviouse to any one who is paying attention. After Jan 2007 when the Democrats took over Mr. Bush was little more than a figure head until the time he left office. As such, the notion that things are somehow "Bush's fault" simply doesn't hold water. The Republicnas should do a better job pointing this out.