Monday, September 20, 2010

Soros Sics One Of His Front Groups On Christine O'Donnell
Today, an outfit called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed complaints with the Delaware U.S. Attorney's Office and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Delaware senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell, claiming she used campaign funds for personal living expenses, made false statements and committed tax fraud by failing to claim monies she used for her personal expenses as income.

The 'evidence' consists of an affidavit from a disgruntled staffer, a number of FEC disbursement reports that could be taken in a number of ways, and a partisan article from the Delaware -based News Journal.

Much more interesting is who CREW actually is. Their chief donor is George Soros' Open Society Institute, and they also get funds from 'progressive' outlets like Democracy Alliance, Service Employees International Union(SEIU), the Arca Foundation, and the Gill Foundation.

And they're quite open about it. According to Naomi Seligman, the group's deputy director, "We are progressive...We do work within a larger progressive infrastructure."

Melanie Sloan, CREW's Executive Director has an interesting background as well. Prior to starting CREW in 2003, she worked for Democrats John Conyers,( funny, no crew suit for Detroit councilwoman Mrs. COnyers!) Charles Schumer, and Joe Biden. And as an attorney, she represented Valerie Plame of all people inher suit against the Bush Administration.

While CREW claims to be non-partisan, what you mostly find if you look at their record is press releases about the few Democrats they've targeted and lawsuits and formal complaints against Republicans..which is exactly what you'd expect. In fact the only Democrats they've ever filed ethics complaints against are Louisiana Senator Mary Landreiu ( hardly a progressive icon) which they didn't pursue and Queens Democrat Gregory Meeks after he was already under investigation for misusing funds from charities.

This strikes me as a tactic reminiscent of those famous 'ethics complaints' launched against Sarah Palin. They were all bogus and came to nothing, but it costs a candidate time and money to defend against them.

The funny thing is I bet these woman consider themselves feminists.

But hey...anything for the agenda, right CREW?

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Anonymous said...

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