Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" Cartoonist Forced To Flee For Her Life

Back in May, Comedy Central censored a South Park episode that didn’t actually depict Mohamed, but made fun of the Islamo-seethe over the subject. As you may remember, a number of people signed on to pick a specific date and intentionally draw an image of Mohammed in a project initiated by cartoonist Molly Norris called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day".

Subsequently, some adherents of the Religion of Peace issued a fatwa calling for her to be beheaded, and that fatwa is apparently quite popular in the Muslim world - and enough of a serious threat that the FBI strongly advised her to flee and go into hiding.

So she's now, as the FBI put it to her, "going ghost": moving, changing her name, and essentially wiping away all traces of her identity. And she won't be publishing cartoons any longer in her home base at the Seattle Weekly or in City Arts magazine, where she was a regular contributor.

She'll be looking over her shoulder and living in hiding the rest of her life.

First Amendment? Ummm...sorry, not when it comes to failing to appease Islam.

Take a moment and think about what that means, especially in light of the recent fracas over Qu'ran burning.

Sharia is creeping up on us, inch by inch.

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Geoff Y said...

What has this got to do with Sharia, the first amendment or anything else which cannot be described as "the bleeding obvious"?

This person saw the worldwide backlash over publishing this stuff and people get their lives threatened and decided she wanted to have a go. Well okay.

Seriously, what are we supposed to be here? Surprised? Sympathetic?

Freedom Fighter said...

Welcome to Joshuapundit.

Actually, it's quite simple.

Since you hail from the other side of the Pond, I wouldn't expect you to understand our Bill of Rights fully..especially if you're in the UK, where sharia law already has its pernicious tentacles entwined around British common law.

Our First Amendment says that within certain well-defined limits, one may say or print what one wants, and that includes criticizing and lampooning religion.Of course that is utterly incompatible with sharia.

Here we have the spectacle of an American citizen who is guilty of no crime under our laws force to flee for her life because she has been 'convicted' without trial under a foreign creed that has no comparability with American Law and set upon by assassins.

And the best thing our government can do is have our FBI advise her to go into hiding?

There was a time when Western nations would have advised foreign governments that harbored religious/political figures who openly planned murder against one of their citizens that such actions carried serious consequences...even a declaration of war.

And they would have expected these foreign governments to take action against the perpetrators or risk those consequences.
Instead, we a re on a very slippery slope with consequences you perhaps may not see. Such aggression and bullying only increases with acquiescence and appeasement.

I don't expect you to react with surprise,but one would expect some sympathy - and perhaps a fair amount of outrage.


Dymphna said...

Well, color me unimpressed. These dudes issue fatwahs all the time. Nobody is going to run to Seattle and do her in.

She's been freaking since her clueless "Everybody Draw Mohammed" went viral and she's continued to freak over it, which somehow draws attention to...HER.

This is a drama queen of some sort. That the FBI is aiding and abetting this woman, at taxpayer expense, is just one more sign of how far we've slipped under Obie.

At the other end of the spectrum, the guy who burned some pages from the Koran has been fired from his job in much for free speech.

We're on the road to soft totalitarianism, just behind Europe. We used to be further behind but we've been running fast in the last few years so we're bound to catch up soon. Especially with Kagan, the Sharia expert, on the Supreme Court.

ESW, Elizabeth, in Austria is in real trouble. She's going on trial for "hate" speech re the Religion of Peace, Love and Jihad.

In a year or two (or less), the woman will pop back up -- wait and see. Meanwhile, other people will keep the Draw Mohammed Day going.

Here's some news about real oppression:

The Jewish Community of Sweden 2010

Of all of them, Sweden is the most totalitarian. They don't protect those they disagree with. Like the Netherlands, only harsher.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins. There is already a war going on between Islam and the rest of the world. In some 15-20 countries Islam is in the process of killing Christians and destroying governments in an attempt to create an islamic world. The media generally ignores it and sometimes even excuses it by equating a savage behedaing of a Christian with their provocation of practicing a non-muslim religion in a muslim country. It will/is happen(ing) here...