Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gary Bauer: "It's Time For The Islamic World To Prove They Will Tolerate Religious Freedom"

The Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit is one of the premier events for American conservatives. And Gary Bauer, ex-Reagan White House, ex FRC president, and ex-presidential candidate among his many other honors and affiliations made an amazing speech on the War on Jihad (among other topics) there yesterday. It's one of the most forthright you're like to hear on the heart of the matter: Radical Islam.

The Left will go absolutely insane over this 'anti-Islamic sentiment' and ignore the part where Bauer asks Muslims of good will to join the fight, but I urge you to take the time listen to the whole speech for yourselves (it's only twenty minutes or so) and make your own minds up.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing...he comes right out and tells the truth without flinching.

Anonymous said...

How you can print this Muslim hater's speech?

Islam is the true religion it will have the victory.

Anonymous said...

Gary Bauer's speech, a response to Obama's 9/11 apologia to Islamists was nothing short of brilliant/electrifying. He is truly one of our most gifted orators. As a Jew, I am very blessed to have his friendship extended to my people at this dark hour in history. It was very brave of Gary Bauer to stand up to Mr. Obama.

I don't know if "Anonymous" is a joke/put on, but may the lord forbid the followers of this creed from getting any foothold here!