Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Primary Election Roundup

Ahhh, politics! For your enjoyment and edification, a roundup of the best stuff on the primaries:

Rush Limbaugh
- The Limbaugh Rule: Vote for the most Conservative Candidate in the Primary

Bookworm Room - In November, it’s all about the conservative Congressional body count

Byron York
- Christine O'Donnell Gives GOP Establishment A Thumpin'

Big Journalism - In Wake of Primaries, Clueless MSM Suffering from Shock and Awe

Scott Rasmussen & Douglas Schoen - One Nation Under Revolt

Right Wing News
- O'Donnell wins, NRSC rages against the machine people

The Other McCain - Christine O’Donnell Victory Interview

John Podhoretz - O’Donnell’s Victory and What It Means

The Razor
- GOP Establishment Spills Its Tea

And the one and only Dan Riehl has a Christine O'Donnell Morning Show Round Up with four videos.

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