Sunday, September 26, 2010

Democrat Loretta Sanchez: 'The Vietnamese Are Trying To Take This Seat Away From Us'

Democrat Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez went on Spanish language television station Univision and blatantly used racist language to get Hispanic voters to re-elect her, saying "the Vietnamese and the Republicans" are trying to take away her seat, which she's used to do so much for "our community" and "give it" to a Vietnamese Republican who is both "anti-immigrant" and "anti-Hispanic".

Since this is a Democrat, look for this to go quickly down the memory hole.But imagine if a Republican running in a partially Black district against a Black Democrat had made a speech on television saying his opponent was 'trying to give my seat to the blacks'. Would we ever hear the end of it?

Needless to say, there will be no reprimand or condemnation for Loretta Sanchez from the Democratic National Committee.

Ms. Sanchez is running in the Orange County, California's 47th district with both a large Hispanic contingent in Santa Ana and vicinity and a large Vietnamese community in places like Garden Grove and Westminster.The difference is that the Vietnamese are almost entirely legal residents or citizens.

I mention this deliberately, in view of Ms. Sanchez's history.

Back in 1996, Sanchez ran against a Republican incumbent, Bob Dornan. She won by 984 votes, almost all coming from the Hispanic community.

Dornan contested the election, saying there had been massive voter fraud and that many illegal aliens had voted. 748 of Sanchez's votes were eventually disqualified, and after Dornan personally paid for his own investigation, a Congressional committee in conjunction with immigration authorities identified as many as 4,700 fraudulent registration affidavits.

The investigation into these fraudulent registrations was abruptly halted by the Clinton Justice Department before it could be finalized on the grounds it was 'unlikely to alter the election results' even though there was only a 200 vote gap and Loretta Sanchez was allowed to keep 'her' seat.

Sanchez has since issued a lame apology, saying that her remarks, delivered in Spanish and obviously intended to invoke racist posturing on the part of the Hispanic community was 'a poor choice of words'.

Exactly what other words would she have used, I wonder?

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