Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama: Fox News Is 'Destructive' To America

Some people are just incapable of learning from their mistakes.

Ever since Obama became president, he's practiced the Alinskyite tactic of trying to personally demonize anyone he sees as opposing his views, and FOX news has always been a particular punching bag of this administration.

Just last year the White House launched a full bore attack on FOX..and it worked about as well as their attacks on Rush Limbaugh.

Obama's idea for gaining ground in the midterms? Well, attacking minority leader John Boehner didn't fly, the Palin thing is so 2008 and the blame Bush mantra isn't nearly as effective as it was...so the current occupant of the White House figured he'd try bashing Fox again, this time in a Rolling Stone interview.

The 'interview' itself was bad enough, to the point where the staff at Rolling Stone likely needed kneepads and towel service just to get through it. It is faux journalism at it's worst. But the part where Prez Obama goes off on FOX is particularly embarrassing.

Here we have the sad spectacle of a sitting president of these United States attacking a successful (actually the most successful) news organization in America simply because they have the temerity to air people that disagree with his policies. I mean, does he expect the entire press to be one vast massage like Rolling Stone, Pravda-on-the-Hudson or MSNBC? How thin skinned and egotistical can he be?

Is it too partisan to ask the President of the United States to put on his big boy pants and man up for a change?

It's some fairly balanced reporting on Obama's fatuous policies that doesn't occur in most of the rest of the dinosaur media that the president really objects to. Obama can certainly continue cringing and whining about FOX if he wants, but it will probably just swell their viewership like the last time.

FOX isn't Obama's problem. It's the American people's gut reaction to his administration and its policies that has even a lot of Democrats fleeing from him like vampires from Garlic.

Instead of boo-hooing about Fox, Barack Hussein Obama would make a far more productive use of his time working on his golf swing.Or maybe even coming up with workable policies that attract bi-partisan support and don't alienate the American people.

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