Friday, September 17, 2010

Watcher's Council Results, Pre-Atonement Edition

The Council has spoken! Here are the results of our weekly Watcher's Council contest.

We had a tie in the Council category this week, which meant that the Watcher chose our winner in accordance with our arcane blood oaths and by laws. So this week's council winner was The Colossus of Rhodey’s Gotta love the hypocrisy, a fine comparison in how the Ruling Class and the dinosaur media treated two manifestations of our First Amendment - Pastor Terry Jones prospective Qu'ran burning and Islamist imam Feisal Rauf's proposed Ground Zero Mosque.

I especially liked our non-council winning post this week, Chandlers Watch‘s Violence: Bible vs Koran … Apples and Oranges.

One of the standard lines one gets about the Qu'ran ( and frequently from people who have never read either book) is that the Bible contains just as much violent rhetoric . Maggie at Chandler's Watch actually analyzed the Islamic trilogy ( Qu'ran, Sira and Hadiths) as opposed to the Hebrew and Christian Bibles and found that the Islamic scriptures have 328,000 words devoted to political opposed to 34,000 in the Torah and none in the New Testament.

She also points out the huge preponderance of text in the Islamic scriptures devoted to jihad..and charts the explosive growth of Islam from the point where Mohammed began using jihad as an expansion tool.

Here are the full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

As always, congratulations not only to the winners but to all the participants.

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