Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Worthy Vet For Congress - Charles Lollar

Now tell me the truth..wouldn't you just love to see Nancy Pelosi's butt boy Steny Hoyer out of Congress?

Well, the tools and talent exist, in the form of Charles Lollar , GOP candidate in Maryland's 5th. He's pictured above in the middle next to the one and only Robert Stacy McCain on the Right (of course). McCain goes into detail about why the personable young ex-Marine intelligence officer has a decent shot at sending Hoyer to the showers.

This is exactly the kind of no-nonsense Conservative we need in Congress...especially if I'm right about what we're liable to be faced with in the latter part of Barack Hussein Obama's reign.

That is, if he gets the funding he needs. Send Charles Lollar some love and some shekels, even if its only $20 .

Check out McCain's post and see if you don't agree it's a worthwhile investment.

BTW, my other faves Jesse Kelly in Arizona 8 and Lt. Colonel Allen West in Florida 22 are doing quite well, but merit your love attention and investment as well.

We have a historic opportunity to take back the country in November. let's not squander it.

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Soccer Dad said...

What about Joel Pollak?

Freedom Fighter said...

He's a good guy, although I'm suspicious (just a bit) of someone who once worked for Carol Mosley-Braun and the Progressive Policy Institute. I recognize that he's had a change of heart.

I'd love to see him win, but I'm not sure I think his chances against Jan Shackowsky in Chicago are all that good, just as I'm not sure Mark Kirk can take the Senate seat.Because if it's close, the dead will rise in Cook County and vote Democrat, if you know what I mean.

Money quote: "In most of the country, voting's a privilege. In Chicago, it's a sport!" - Dick Gregory